Learning people through Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I was at office untill 9.30 at night today. Everyweek, atleast one guy asks me why I am spending so long in office these days? I don’t have an answer. Seems people expect me to leave early or probably Sai expects me to come to his Mandir regularly. To be honest, I remember Sai no matter where I am.

My Dad called me at 9.30 and said my Mom is not well. I drove home in hurry and we took her to Doctor. She can’t even move her neck due to spondilities and she has other complications too. The lady Doctor was kind and made me feel that we have atleast one hospital where we can go incase of emergency.

On the way back, My Dad told me something which made me too sad. I have to make my Dad for checkup next week.

Look at my life?

Parents are sick. Sister calling us to the U.S. I am yet to get leave. I just started Visa process and meanwhile, my parents suddenly fall sick. I trust Saibaba will take care of them but I ask myself “Why is my life like this?”

I can only pray Saibaba to keep my parents healthy.

Learning people through Sai

You know what I do when ever I interact with any one at work, in temple, through StarSai or even during official communication? I try to read them and understand their nature. To be precise, I learn people through Saibaba.

Today, I spoke to 3 different sales guys who were trying to sell events for our organization and I learnt something from each one of them.

1,Typical Sales guy

This guy called up from Singapore to partcipate in the event to happen in July. I clearly told him that there are budget constraints as we have already spent for another event. He insisted that I push it forward and I assured him that I would do my best. He said he would mail me immidiately but he actually mailed me during evening.

I asked him to quote an event within 6000 USD but he had offered the one which was more expensive.

What did I learn from him?

  1. He was professional.
  2. Clear in what he spoke
  3. A typical sales guy trying to push his product ( Event sponsorship).

But he did not do what he said.

His mail came too late. He was too greedy and wanted to pitch the package for which we certainly can’t sponsor. I clearly told him to send the package which is affordable but he did what he wanted to do. Sell the bigger product!

2. Too much hype – Sales guy

I had another call with someone in Mumbai. This one was for an Indian event and he spoke too Hi-Fi. He used all the usual sales tricks.

  1. Quoting a big price for the kind of package I requested and thus forcing me to choose the one which he wants me to go for. He assumed that he was successful in his trick but obviously, I knew what he was trying to do with me. Silly!
  2. He spoke with too much hype. When I told him that I can’t get approval immidiately. He said “Listen. Have you seen this hollywood movie? “You must help me to help you”. I adjusted what ever he spoke. At times, we must let people speak so that their ego will be satisfied.
  3. He was too proud of his sales skills! – He told me that he had convinced IBM to participate in the event within a day’s time after his call. I told him that he must understand that it doesn’t work that way with us and I need time. When he continued to speak too much, I told him

“IBM has a culture. Google has a culture and the place I work for has a different culture. So this is how it works with us. It would take sometime to get approval”

4. He was such a stupid that after listening to everything, he simply wanted me to confirm by 11 AM Tommorow. Am I sitting with money in my pocket to distribute everyone.

What did I learn from him?

Don’t be carried away by your success at work. Its not just for a Sales professional. You could be successful but every interaction you make with people must be humble and meaningful. He did understood my point after I clarified him about our culture. Then too, he can’t resist being stupid.

When I am clearly telling him “This can’t be done quickly” he still don’t understand and expecting an answer quick.

3. A Sales girl who never used any sales tactics and behaved human

This was another event which I had to enquire about. The lady simply did her job perfectly. She was professional but din’t push too hard to sell her products. She simply listened to our needs, go back to her team and helped me.

She also asked me to confirm soon but it did not sounded forceful.

She also did not fulfil one of our requirement which I demanded but She just normally told that’s their policy.

What did I learn from this lady?

1.Be professional and use your Sales tactics but be human. First, listen what people are speaking and understand their situation and organizational culture.

2. She taught me that time is changing fast and these days, people can easily first if you use any tactics. I felt comfortable as she spoke normal. No hi-fi words. No “Get it done soon” demands.

3. She did her job and behaved human.

Its 12.20 at night. My parents are sleeping and I have been writing this article for more than an hour as I thought a lot to write it.

I don’t know how its going to help you but this is all I request from you.

In life, at work and in Business – Be polite, understand others, be helpful, be thankful, on the whole be human and surely you will be liked for what you are and someday you will be successful.

All these people whom I spoke today are good. They are just doing their job. However, the first 2 guys did not realize that I could obviously see their sales tricks.

Be professional but learn to be human.

This will assure you have a wonderful Career!

Om Sai Ram


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