5 lamps carrying you good messages to make it really a “Happy” Deepavali

Sairam friends,

All these years, I was spelling it as “Diwali” as most of us call it. This year, I like to call the Festival of lights as “Deepavali’ because its beautiful to say this way.

Its “Deepavali” .

So Happy Deepvali friends !

Happy Deepawali to you and all in your family.

I wish this Deepavali brings you blessings of Good health, peace, harmony and prosperity.

I started my career as a Photographer and used to do portfolios for aspiring Models. I just did few assignments and was not able to pursue my career in what I like to do. I did not enhance my skills also. My love for photography has always stayed with me.

Now a days, I just take photos occasionally. Couple of years back, When ever there was a festival in Shirdi Saibaba temple, I used to take photos. I enjoyed doing it but the problem is, someone who decorated Saibaba with flowers or any devotee will ask me to get them a copy. I try to give them copies in C.D but at times, I miss to give them a copy which makes me feel that I am not keeping my words. So gradually, I stopped taking photos in temple.

Yesterday, I was in dilemma to take my camera to office or not since its already outdated and takes time to focus. The lens isn’t good. Finally, I did photography and enjoyed doing it after many years. I must say years because its been such a long time since I did photography with lots of excitement. Some girls did Rangoli with flowers and I liked it so much, the concept, flowers and the way they created a beautiful work of Art. I liked the patterns they made with a peacock.

We guys did our funniest possible creations on the floor and I asked if I too can draw? They said ‘Of course” which lead to unleashing of my “Cavemen” creativity. If you see National Geographic channel, you could have come across such stick drawings in caves. Thousands of years ago, Human’s first effort to draw what they see was conveyed through such Cave Painting.

I drew the only stick drawing I am good at. I wonder anyone else of my age will be doing such stupid things and even if they do, will they be laughing so much for it? I like being this way. I kept showing everyone my stupid so called Rangoli saying “This is an unbelievable work of Art”.

I took the flower from others busy doing beautiful Rangoli and kept for my Deepavali mascot.

I have this habit of sketching few stick drawings in chit of paper, taking a photo of it and sending to all my friends in Mobile chat saying “See my drawing Skills”. I do this purposely to make everyone laugh and they plead me to stop drawing henceforth. I also look for Painting Kits in shopping websites and tell my friends “If you get me this painting kit, I will create world’s greatest master piece”. They ask me to first learn to draw in pencil.

Anyway, There is a good sense of humor when we do something stupid and be very proud of it… he he…

Happy Deepwali

Happy Deepavali

I honestly wish to show the other “truly” beautiful Rangoli but since I follow privacy policy,  I was thinking last night about how to show the photo I took to Sai devotees?.

This morning, I was looking at all the photos.  In one of the Rangoli, they lit lamps with 5 faces and kept in the center of the flowers beautifully arranged. It was grand and colorful. A maroon flower was surrounding it and hence it highlighted the glow of the lamps. I unfocussed the light in the lamp to form circle from the “Glow”.

I got idea to use the circles formed by light of 5 lamps to spread good messages.

Here’s it…

5 lamps carrying you good messages to make it really a Happy Deepavali.

Lets call it “Happiness Circle”


Happiness Message

Happiness Message from StarSai

Shirdi Saibaba likes 5 lamps. Priests and devotees of Saibaba show Panch Aarti for Saibaba while singing Aarti.

Though these messages are simple, it can be followed in our everyday life.

1.  Be thankful to people whom you take for granted:

There are many people we come across in our day to day life because of whom our life is good, comfortable and peaceful. Even a stranger might have done us a little favor.  So be thankful to everyone and never hurt anyone intentionally.

2.  If you love someone. Express it:

We get so busy with our life that we forget to express love to people who care for us.  We miss the opportunity God has given to us to tell people that they really mean a lot to us. May be, when someone is with us, we don’t know their value. Life is too small for Love. So make use of all small moments you get to show someone that you really care for them.

3. Smile. Keep learning. Keep working and Rock !

I am always moody as I think about my life. Somehow, these days, I have realized we don’t gain anything by worrying. So be happy and satisfied for what you have in life.

Keep Learning:

Ignorance in everything will lead to misfortune. Be it your professional life or personal life, keep learning something good everyday and implement it.

Keep working and Rock:

Sai’s path is “Karma Marga” – Path of Work. So let’s never be depressed or idle. We have to take up anything good and work on it for lifetime.

4. Thinking Good:

If you think and act good, Good will follow you. Some devotees tell me that they only do good but they suffer. Trust me, Life will certainly be good for people who are good.

5. Be Positive. Your life is going to be great:

Now a days, when ever I get fed up, My Mom asks me to think positive and believe that Sai will make my life better. I wish people who are like me, realize the value of living positive. Your life is going to be great.

That’s it friends.

When I am writing this, My parents called me to do Pooja and I did. My Amma keeps calling me to have breakfast now. We bought Sarees and dress for all Gods and Goddess in our Colony Siddhi Vinayaka Temple. So I am going now to have darshan of all Gods wearing the Deepavali dress we offered to Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Parvathi, Hanuman and Lord Murugan.

Once again,

Happy Deepavali friends

Light lamps and keep faith in Sai.



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  • Wishing you a happy festival of lights.Let the Light of Baba you are spreading be ever glowing.Thank you.Baba’s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  • Sai Ram. very nice rangoli. ha ha really enjoyed it. and thank you for the beautiful message of the 5 lamps. Jai Sai Ram

  • Baba u litted light in my life..u saved me drastic situation…u saved my life…bless me like this baba…several times u saved..u were there always even though i forget u…i apologise u baba..bless ur child…..u gave me a cause to celebrate……thnk u… u….

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