Guru Purnima Pooja

Sairam friends,

Guru Purnima is very auspicious for Shirdi Saibaba devotees. This year, Guru Purnima happens to be on july 12th 2014. Make sure you remember Sai on this holy day and if possible do little offering, listen to Aarti, do pooja or if you have enough time, please consider doing simple Guru Purnima Pooja. I got the below devotees experience from one of my Sai friend Soumya.

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Hi Venkat,

Thanks for posting my experience about naam saptah.

Devotees Experience doing Sai Naam Saptah childishly

Seriously I didn’t expect it to be posted, Even though I have been visiting this website regularly from June 11th, I saw my posting here today i.eon Thursday July 3rd.
You have mentioned in few posts that you are just writing about your life,not spirituality, but when I read any post , it shows some moral or values for life. Please go ahead with your work. They somehow resemble our lives too.
Even I have dreams about SAI, I hear voices in dreams, but not able to understand.Few I follow, Few I don’t understand and leave it to my father,Saibaba, to make me understand. From few days I was thinking of writing a post which would make this Guru pournami pooja famous, Today after seeing my article posted, I somehow feel this is the place to post it.Even if one person does this puja and gets benefited I would feel happy that I am spreading Sai’s love and devotion.

Saibaba Saves son

2 years before i.e July 2nd 2012(Monday), I delivered a baby boy and due to respiration problems , he was kept in NICU(Nano ICU) just after he was born. It was a day before GuruPurnima. Me and my husband were very anxious about this.Days passed by and it was Wednesday afternoon, I had a dream where in I was thinking within me that

“Why not celebrate guru purnima similar to ganesh chaturthi”.

Then I suddenly woke up. I did not think much about it.Thursday started, and I started feeling very anxious again about my son.

Then I thought , If my son is discharged from NICU today , then I would perform Guru purnima, as I thought in my dream, i.e keep a idol of Saibaba, do pooja, provide all the offerings , and then nimmajanam.

After thinking this way, I was called in to NICU to feed my baby, I went there very excitedly, wishing my baby would be discharged, As usual my baby was not responding to my feeding and hence the doctor said, until and unless he responds to my feeding, he cannot be discharged,she also said that she had an operation to attend to in the evening and hence he cannot be discharged today. Usually we are called twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening, evening I was not called at all,as he was sleeping.

I was down with depression. But here comes my father’s leela, suddenly at 10:30 in the night, he was very hungry and was crying like anything, and I was called immediately, I ran to him and he responded very well to my feeding , also as a part of the miracle, the doctor’s operation was cancelled and she was there to witness my son’s positive response. She was so excited about this change , that she immediately said “you can take him, we are discharging him from here”.

As, I was not expecting this , I could not believe my ears. Finally We were happy that we could get our baby with us on Thursday.

Gurupurnima Pooja

Now, from Last year, I have started this puja,Also I could arrange a Sai Bhajan on that day, So this has been the Guru purnima puja what we did last year,

Placed a saibaba statue in puja room,
Decorated him with flowers, and offered him all we prepared that day like vada,payasam rice . sambhar etc.
In the evening Sai bhajan was arranged.
Night we did the nimmajanam of the Idol.

As the Idol is of Marble, we again placed it back in the puja room next day.Also on the same day We received one more Saibaba’s Idol from the Saibhajan Mandali.This somehow said me that my father was happy with the puja

Now , this year also I wanted to do the same, and called the bhajan mandali people for bhajan, As Gurupurnima is on July 12th, I asked them for bhajan on 12th, but they said that they would perform the bhajan on 13th, he also mentioned that in Shirdi , also guru pournima takes place for 5 days. Then a thought striked me that I should also perform this puja for 3 days, I feel that it is a message from my father to perform this puja for 3 days.

This has been a very long post. Please edit where ever needed, and if you feel it is worth it, please post it for other devotee’s benefit.

Thank you for this site.

I have few more things to express about your book and how it showed me the way which I will share next time

Take care,


Hope you like this simple Guru Purmina Pooja friends. There might be some better ways to go Guru Pooja and you are most welcome to do it as you please. This is a simple way of expressing your love for Guru Shirdi Saibaba and I wish you can try it in your own way – Venkat

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  • Hope this year this guru purnima will bring the desired change in my life because of baba in baba’s way……sai ram..

  • Pls as I am in Maldives where flowers are not available. Only I can lit lamps and agarbathi only. Fruits and Prasad can be placed. So pls tell simple way to perform this gurupournima

  • Lets present Him the nine attributes for His ever flowing Grace.Baba’s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

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