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Experimenting pure love

Sairam friends,

The past one week, I am trying to realize the beauty about divinly in love with someone you like. I could be your Parents, Siblings, Wife/Husband, friends or your kids.

Does that mean we are always good to people whom we love and care?

At times, we show anger on our dear one’s and we also get upset with the way they treat us. We realize that they show all their frustration on us. May be, there’s this unwritten rule that you can express all your frustration in life to the one close to you.

This might even lead to a bigger problem, seperation or hurdles in relationship.

Many a time, I wonder if there’s someone who truly likes me for what I am other than my parents. Even they don’t like me for what I am in few issues. So basically speaking, wordily love is surrounded by few expectations and responsibilities. When ever we fail to fulfill our responsibility, we are hurt by people whom we love and care the most.

There’s this realistic meaning in one of the Sai aarti lyrics.

It says

Your wife will be annoyed with you.

Your Mom and Dad might get annoyed with you.

Even your Kids and the village God might get annoyed with you.

But your Guru – This sweet Saint Sai will never ever get annoyed with you.

This is life. No matter how much you love and care someone, unless you are good in every other thing they expect from you, they will certainly show their anger on you.

I will be surprised if some of you found such much love in someone that it exceeds the love of Sai.

Sai too seems to be silent and doesn’t care for us.

But he’s working on our life.


Be calm until he speaks with his action.

There’s some mathemetics happening based on your good karma to deliver Sai Leela which you have been expecting for long.

Om Sai Ram


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  • Om Sairam venkat
    I got obsessed with the same Sai Aarti song when I learnt it’s meaning..the best line ever ..
    Na dattaguru Saimaa Majhavari kadihin ruso.

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