Dreams are just one way Shirdi Saibaba uses to do his work

Sairam friends,

Last night, I came back home and looked at all the Gods and Goddess in our Navratri Golu.  I was telling my parents that now a days, I am not going any where my temple friends call me – Be it Naam Saptah and Bhajan in their house or any feast. I told them, am fed up with all this. People are devoted to Sai but they also do mistakes. So what’s the use in participating in all this? I am also worried about my life.

I laid down and was thinking about how I was before 10 years and when I actually started always expecting a dream to guide me. Until 2005, I was simply praying Sai and never bothered much about dreams. Only in 2007, I started believing a lot in dreams as Sai too did lots of wonderful things through dream.

I felt that its not proper to always expect Saibaba to guide me through dream. Saints uses dreams in two ways.

1. To guide us with any evil that’s about to come or also to show us any good people or happening in our life.

2. If Saints are convinced with our devotion, instead of a bad incident or sorrow happening in our real life ( which is supposed to happen for sure due to our past karma), they show that in dream.

This way, Sai answers the law of Nature and karma. Instead of someone suffering from worst pain due to health problem, Sai will show them a dream as if someone is hitting their chest and they have severe pain.

I have experienced both of these dreams but honestly, I am addicted to dreams which both I and Sai do not like.

I must let go of these expectation of dreams which is good for me.

There are millions of Sai devotees and Saibaba will handle each one in unique way. Sai has millions ways to do his work and dreams are just one among them. So Kindly do not always expect a dream and trust them completely. You never know why Sai showed some dreams.

I even had some strange dreams which is hard to interpret.

Last week, I was planning to mail a girl for an article for my new site. Sai showed a guy in dream and I was wondering why did I see him. Then Sai said, they know each other. But I went ahead to mail the girl as according to me, my intention was good.

Sometimes, when I am about to do take a wrong decision, Sai blesses me with a dream and stops me.

Irrespective of all this, I did took wrong decision in few issues.

Most dreams even if its blessed by Saibaba will lead to worst pain in life. This is the way Sai washes our past karma. Sai has all rights to do it.

Ok friends…

Am getting late



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