Does Sai Baba make your wishes come true? can we talk to him or see him?

sairam friends,

I have a friend in U.S i suppose a iranian girl to whom i sent a link of saibaba photo. She mailed me back with simple question

does sai make your wishes come true? can we talk to him or see him?

can each one of you write down what way you will reply her

it helps to create a nice article


saibaba of shirdi
saibaba of shirdi

Answer from Renuka :

Sai Ram Venkat
Yes Venkat, He fulfils all our genuine wishes. His timing is perfect. His ways are unique. We may ask for something, He may grant us something else, we get perturbed, But after a span of time, we realise that He has done it for our good only. The present itself is not clear to us, whereas for Him, even our Future is so clearly, when our wish does not get fulfilled immediately, it certaily means that He has got something better in store for us. His two words Faith & patience. they play a vital role in every Sai devotees’ lives.

All of us have seen Him at some point of life, He Himself has told us that He may come in any form, He is so humble to come even in the form of cows and dogs. When we buy a packet of food to an old man or when we pay the Medical bill of an old lady, whne we give biscuits & sweets to the child of a road layer, in their brioad smile, we certainly see Sai.

Bow to Sri sai: Peace be to all
sai ram

Answer from Manju :

sairam anna.. this is my answer.

as renu ma says, sai fulfills our genuine wishes. but before that complete surrender with unwavering faith on sai is absolutely necessary. and along with that a beautiful heart of accepting more failures is necessary. only then we can completely understand sai. we have to accept whatever sai gives considering them as the best. see sai in everything and surrender the doership to HIM only.

sai will speak through human and give answers whenever we have doubts.may he bless the iranian girl in all ways

Answer from keerti

SAIRAM Venkat anna.

I agree with Renu maa and Manju.

I read in SAI book that SAI fulfills all our wishes until the point where we stop asking HIM for something, , and say to HIM to bless us with whatever HE wants to.WHAT HE GIVES LASTS FOR A LIFETIME!!!
The moment we are ready to accept what HE wants to bless us with, thats when we have become what BABA wants us to be.

We do that only when we are totally convinced that whatever HE
gives is the best.

few years back, when i read the above first line, i was too naive to think : how can we stop asking BABA for the fulfillment of our wishes? I had a long-term wish of everything being set to happy-mode
regarding my married life, people realising their mistakes and accepting them, etc.
I kept bugging BABA a llllllot over this in the past few years and I couldn’t imagine my life would continue in this bad phase forever. I was bent on getting that wish fulfilled.

But, since a week or so, i’m completely over it. i told BABA that i will no longer bother HIM .  Now, i’ve realised that this is how my life is gonna be and i better not trouble BABA anymore.

Instead, let me ask BABA to bless me and my loved ones with liberation,  make us reach
HIM once we leave this earthly body. somehow, i am dejected with the state of affairs in my personal life…well, BABA knows whats best for us and HE WILL NEVER LET US DOWN.

I will accept what HE blesses me with and will not complain. BABA, U know everything. please forgive me when i get impatient and restless. many-a-times, i forget that it is/was YOU who carried me in YOUR loving arms and got me through the toughest periods of my life. Soooo sorry for all the trouble that i gave/give YOU.
Lov you so much my dearest sweeeeeeeet SAI.  please don’t ever leave us. we need YOU.

bless this wonderful STARSAI family immensely. Shower YOUR choicest blessings on venkat anna and
each of the family members and their loved ones.




waiting for more answers from sai devotees…

145 thoughts on “Does Sai Baba make your wishes come true? can we talk to him or see him?”

  1. sai baba my best and close friend mummy is no more aapne kyu aisa kiya baba uske zindagi he uske mummy the usko aaphe ho ab samhaalne ke liye baba uske ab bahut ache se job lgwa dijiye sai baba wo shirdi bhe gya tha apne mummy ke liye dua krne lekin uske saath galat he galat huya baba please help him and make him more strong om sai ram…….

  2. om sai ram thank you sai baba humara shirdi ka aane ka confirm hogya hai baba thank you soooo muuucchhhh 22 august ka fix huya hai sai baba bas hum log ache se saath me aapka darshan krle sai baba bina kisi rukawat ke hum aapke darbaar aake darshan kre baba hum saath me aapka aashirwaad chahte hai sai naath bs 22 august ko hum aapse milne aarhe hai baba yiiipeeeeeeee im so happy baba and always bless we both baba……………

  3. baba thanks for every movement leaving beside me. thanks for sloving my problems. you are with me. you told me you will be with me forever, you keep that promise true. I am not asking you to slove my problems . I am asking only give strength to me to face that problems. show me the way . I love u sooo much till my death. you are my mom , dady , my strength, my life. I love you soo much Baba. thanks for the help. you blessed me . Thanks for every thing. Please be with me forever. becoz I cont run my life with out you. Bless my family, frnds , all small kids , and the world. please Bless them all .

    Lastly thanks for all you give me


  4. Sai Baba…… please help to in getting rid of this mental tension… please give me peace of mind… i just want to feel normal again… i just want to feel, think and act normally and rationally again… please get me out of this madness…




  5. Om Sai Ram

    My life is under unbearable problems since the day i opened my eyes.. gone through lost of problem but still i knew baba is there to take care of me.. but now for the past 5 to 6 years m not able to get internal peace.. always something is running in my mind even if m not thinking about it..coz of it have lost my peace of mind not able to sleep at night with peace.. i hope baba will solve all my problem as m totally surrender to baba`s feet..

    Please show me some way.. let there be a meaning for my life.


  6. om sai ram
    sai baba plz meri madad kro me bahut presan hu baba usse sadi ni hui to me mr jungi baba mere papa or bhai ko mna lo baba ya fir mujhko apne pas bula lo mujhko ni jina ab is life me me dukhi ho gai hu baba sai baba meri madad kro baba plz meri madad kro

  7. Baba, I am only dependent on you…my good and bad everything is you,if you are not with me there is no happiness nothing to make things okay…i am looking for you morning and evening and I need you with me all d time…i have asked for a happy married life no not that i wanted a perfect married life i know thats not possible but i want some happiness.all girls in thr life become happy ..what have i done…my kundli, patri everything is you…if u will not be with me there is nothing..nothing at all..if u will not come and hear and make things okay for me..iwill be absolutley alone..

  8. om sai ram……………. sai baba mein 22 tarik ko shirdi aa rhe hu lekin ek problem aarhe hai ke mere ek friend ne ab aane se mana kr diya hai aur agar koi saath me nhe rahega to mujhe ghr se bhe jane nhe milega baba mujhe shirdi kaise bhe aana he hai to please baba kuch aisa chamatkaar kro jisse ke hamara shirdi aana pakka ho jaye aur mein aur ruchit aapka saath me darshan kre please sai naath help us for this mere friend ke wajah se koi dikkat mat aaye baba mujhe shirdi aana na sai naath………

    om shirdi vasay sacchi danandaaye dhe mahi tanno sai prachodaya…
    om shirdi vasay sacchi danandaaye dhe mahi tanno sai prachodaya…
    om shirdi vasay sacchi danandaaye dhe mahi tanno sai prachodaya…
    om shirdi vasay sacchi danandaaye dhe mahi tanno sai prachodaya…
    om shirdi vasay sacchi danandaaye dhe mahi tanno sai prachodaya….

  9. om sai ram…………….. baba thank you sooooooooooooooo muuuucchhhhhhhhhhhh mera kal 13-8-2013 ko MBA last sem ka result aaya aur mein bht acche %age se paas hogye 77.1% aaya baba thank you so much aur mein 22 august ko shirdi aapke darbaar aa rhe hu baba mein ruchit aur mere cousion renu mein aur ruchit aapka darshan saath me krna chahte hai baba bs ache se humlog shirdi pahuch jaye……….

    om shirdi vasaye vidhymahe sacchi danandaaye dhe mahi tanno sai prachodaya…..

  10. om sai ram… baba hum logo ne darshan kr liye hai ache se but mere frnd se wajah se saare problem create hogye hai please baba fututre acha ho hamara please aur ruchit ache se pahuch jaye ghr ……

  11. Om sai ram to all my friends……Maine Jo experience kiya h WO bs yhi h ki trust and patience rakhne she SB kuch mil jata h …agar hmare live WO acha h….BCz we all are human beings toh hmari desires kbi khatam ni hoti h par I know Jo hmare liye best hota h baba who krte h…..
    Thannnksss baba
    I love you a lot ….
    Allah malik

  12. Baba, iam a big fan of u. and i preach each and every experience to everyone. u r doing favour to each and everyone and u r not seeing me in any moment. Now iam in a life and death problem but u r not at all listening to me. i got anger and i had scolded u a lot. I know it is a serious sin but i am in a more and more tension. please try to understand me and try to apologize. i think u dont but mind me i am ur girl and try to apologize. and make company to send my husband offer letter immediately.

  13. i have no patience. ap to sab ko madad karte ho. mere pukar to sunlo. mujhe pata h ap chaho to meri is impossible ko possible karsakte h. please………………… me.

    om sai ram
    om sachidananda satguru sai nath maharaj ki

  14. plz baba help me to get back my money by this week.i have helped a lot of people but today they r not responding.plz baba i believe u a lot.u also knw my oproblems plz baba help me to overcome my problem
    om sai ram

  15. om sai ram…..

    sai baba happy diwali…..aapko diwali ke bht bht badhai ho mere aur ruchit ke taraf se baba humlog ko apna aashirwaad dena baba ke humdono hamesha saath rahe aur aapke chamatkaar se ye sb sahe hoga baba…

    om shirdi vasaye vidhyamahe saccidanandaye dhemahe tanno sai prachodaya…..

  16. baba i want to be happy plzzz i beg u noe everything baba i want to be see my family happy plzz baba fo this…. i want gud job nd money nd love my al wishes plzz soon fulfill them plzzzz i want to be more beautiful … i want to be more beautiful …nd ginished all myfamily tensions….

  17. Om Sai Ram…Babaji please fulfill my wishes….and grant success,good health,long life and wisdom to my better half and help us lead our life happily..please

  18. Jai Sai Ram… Jai Shree Ram…

    Baba you know my problems, last 4-5 days you made me realize that peace is the only important and most precious thing in life ….

    Please solve my problems and help me, my family and everyone around
    Jai Sai Ram Jai Shree Ram

  19. Om Sai Ram,

    baba please help. i need ur blessing. U know my problem. please baba kuchh miracles kijiye. me tut chuki hu.

  20. jai sai baba..baba plzz help me…plz btaiye na baba aap meri wish kb puri krenge..ap to sb jaante ho baba..plzzz sai ji..bolo ek baar sai ji bolo ek baar..baba apna magic dikhao …..i beg 2 u my sai maa my dear sai baba

  21. Om sairam to all baba devotees our darling swami carries us all through all our problems and hardship just believe and see the miracles that happen in your lives everyday just keep the faith kalavanie.. OM SAI RAM

  22. Sai babu.mujhe aap pe bharosa hai.main apne pyar se shaadi krna chahati hun.plz yeh arrange marraige wala rista mat hone degiye.

  23. Om Sai Ram.
    Bhagwan ek achhi adrushya shakti hai. bhagwan ko koi dekh nahi paaya hai aaj tak. bhagwan dikhte nahi hai phir bhi hote hai har samai har pal hamare aas paas aur bhagwan hamare dil mein rahte hai aur joh dil mein rehte hai ve nahi dikhe toh bhi koi baat nahi fhir dil ke sabse kareeb hai aur nahi hokar bhi hum sab ke saath hai.

  24. om sai ram…….sai baba..i want to tell u something..only u who help me in all situation of my life.i cant tell u how much i believe in u..sai baba plz alwayz being with us..sai baba ,i m very confuse about my career.pls help me..tell me which profession is good for me .i want to become a succesful woman in my life…i want do something like as such all the members of my family will feel proud on me…pls fullfill my wish…..

  25. pls help me sai in al ways ,direction and you very well know what is my wish.pls pls sai fullfill my wish as soon as possible

  26. Baba please help me Me and my husband have to live a happy life please kindly bless us my two daughters me and my husband at present in chennai within 2015 We have to settle in mumbai please bless with my wishes please show us a grace my baba I believe only in you. my husband should get a job in mumbai with his expected salary please baba I am begging you please help me as you know the reason for this for which I am asking you …

  27. Om sai ram……i love u so much….u have helped me many a time n given me wat ever i needed even before asking n ur the only person protecting me……thanks for loving me n taking care….u know i m praying something to u….plz give me ur blessing ………..

  28. SAI BABA…………name itself creates a positive vibe that guides us to achieve what is impossible….Sai baba always altogether with their devotees in all good & bad times. He always protect his devotees from any kind of problem…………..its just the believe which guides near to Sai Baba.

  29. om sai ram. Baba i Love u bahut yaad atte h apako. apka sare frnd apke sath english mai baate ki h but i can’t talk with u in english aur app to jannte ho ki maie bahat poor english bolte hun baba mai apke sth hamesa rehna chanhnti hun plz i love u baba

  30. Baba plz always blessing my family nd my sweet dear londu ko vi maie acha padhai karunga maire family aur job vi karunga bass thodsa apaka blessing rakhlijiega maire upar hamesa aur i love u so much…

  31. OM SAI RAM !!!

    Thank You baba for fulfilling my wish .

    I need your blessings with me all the time and fulfill my wish of getting a good job.

    Please shower your blessings on me , my family and on all with good health , wealth and peace.

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