Don’t cry. Sai wont do anything if you cry

Sairam friends, Am writing this article word by word using mobile and hence alignment won’t be good. I saw the news about the building collapse due to rain in chennai and that was just a breaking news for all of us which we eventually forget. When urbanization happens people do face such disasters. Its painful. … Read more

Shirdi Saibaba and life in the age of Social media & Cloud communication

Sairam friends, Today many people are used to Social media and have almost become totally dependent on Cloud Communication tools to text, message, reach out, communication, build relationship, do business and what not. There are youngsters who get into problem just because of their Social media presence. Even a small word you say online to … Read more

Love Story

Sairam friends, I wish that I know to write better and that I am good with words. Honestly, Many who come to StarSai might feel that I don’t have good language skills. I write when am tired during late night and also morning before I go to office. So few articles have spelling mistakes and … Read more

Panchakanya – Ahalya,Draupadi,Kunti,Tara, Mandodari – Chanting names of Five Virgins can wash away sins

Sairam friends, I am writing this article at the beginning of Vasant Navratri celebrated in North India though in South India we give importance to the Navratri which comes before Diwali.  On October 23rd 2012, i had a dream about few frogs inside cage. I started researching what Sai wants to convey and realized, Ravana’s … Read more

Value of Lighting Lamps and Saibaba Blessings for Happy married life

Sairam friends, Sai to me and crores of his Devotees mean ‘Saibaba of Shirdi” a Saint, Guru and incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.Since Sai Baba lived in village of “Shirdi”, Maharastra,India, devotees affectionately call him as Sai , Saayee, Sai baba, Baba or as whole “Shirdi Saibaba”. StarSai was inspired by Sai leela which happened in … Read more