You won’t get your love back because God wants you to know there are good people every where

Sairam friends,

Now a days I get so many mails from guys and girls that they want their love back. They liked someone and now had a breakup and praying Shirdi Saibaba to bless them to get their love back. To an extent, I encourage these people because anything that involves devotion is good.

Some girls write me they did Sai vrat pooja, went to Shirdi or do some pooja for Saiababa and Gods, Goddess they love but Sai and Gods are not helping them. I get really upset when girls too young in School, College or just starting their career write me like this. I appreciate your love and your respect for someone you like but Saints doesn’t work that way. Saint’s let you go through some sufferings until your debt is over.

Sai is not a miracle worker most of the times in life. Sai simply watches you from distance and let you do what you wish. Sai doesn’t want to hold you in every step you take because its your own decision to hold on to someone or let it go and come out of the past.

My humble request to Devotees in relationship problem is to take this wordily life as a Mahamaya. Now a days every one is aware of Karma philosophy. So they get irritated if I mention this word “Karma”. I make sure, I use pracitcal words in StarSai especially because I am here to show a way as a friend and not as someone more higher than you.

Even if you get your love back, marry can you assure you won’t have misunderstanding after few years? Better think positive that its good you had a breakup now.

There are so many women who choose wrong decision one after another and by the time most of their life is gone, they don’t know where to start over again.

The problem with relationship like Intense love is that you believe the whole world is nothing without the one whom you like. You can fall in love but don’t be slave of your mind. Use your buddhi and think what really is good for you and your family. You neither have to cheat anyone or leave anyone. All you have to do is simply make yourself strong internally and remember Shirdi Saibaba or any Gods, Goddess you love.

May be things will change gradually. May be you will get your love back and marry as you wish. In that case you don’t need me or StarSai. When people are happy, they don’t come here apart from those who truly find my writings is doing something good to them.

Please don’t loose your self respect and your beautiful future thinking about one person.

World is truly big enough and there are good people everywhere.

OK friends, I felt like writing this because when you are young, use your time productively.

Keep learning something new in the field of your interest.

Be good in what you do. In your education. In your career.

Make yourself happy by enjoying little things in life.

You deserve a beautiful life

Now am in hurry

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Edit: After writing this article, I felt many people who are in Love and facing some problems might get upset. I have been through it and so I have to help people learn to be strong internally and lead life practically. Your life is really beautiful and you can’t let go of your happiness just because you can’t forget someone you like.

Life life peacefully. You certainly can do something useful to divert your mind.

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6 thoughts on “You won’t get your love back because God wants you to know there are good people every where”

  1. i had a broken realation ship which has started five years back i always had problems in my life because of that one boy. i was confused when i read this i feel like baba himself has written this for me to read. now i had decided let my life go in a way sri sai baba decides. i want baba to guide me like this throughout my life. sri sai rai…… sri sai ram……. sri sai ram……jai jai sai ram……

  2. It’s true that you don’t get your love back. I did love a girl for 4 years, But she didn’t accept because of her parents was strict and finally i married another girl who was shown by my parents. It looks like my karma still not cleared, I don’t have a happy life with my wife and also not having kid for 3 years. I’m asking god to give me a child alone and nothing else. I know that i never get back my love.

    I had lighted 1008 lamps (last 108 lamps @ shirdi temple) to fulfill my wish of marrying my beloved girl. Also, I had lighted 108 lamps several times at shiva temple to burn my past bad karma, so that i could marry my beloved girl.

    My girl nick name is lotus, so i had decorated the lord’s with lotus (108 flowers) at koothanur saraswati temple & vishnu temple @ Ashtalakshmi temple, Besant Nagar on her birthday. In those days, I go to temple daily for dharsan, but after marriage i stopped going to temples and also don’t have belief in all demi gods except lord krishna. Only karma plays the role, and no matter how good / strong in your love. I see people who succeed in love very easily and now they have a good life with kids.


    Reply: Ramesh, You still din’t seem to come out of past. Its over and gone. Now focus on your life. Secondly, lighting lamps to burn karma is not the right attitude.Lamps are lit as offering to God and Saints. God knows whats good for you and given that to you. Secondly, There’s no Gods and Demi Gods. Sabka Malik EK. God is One. Each one worships the Gods they love be it Krishna, Shiva or Ganesha. I usually don’t comment in blog as I don’t have much time. So I posted as Edit. You will be blessed for the devotion you had someday.- Venkat

  3. Baba is everywhere….these days words spelt by mom are much inspiring..
    I wasnt ready to accept the relationship..marriage….responsibility…
    Being a postgraduate double graduate..goldmedalist…baba had goven me good academic career…i always thought it my …”my” achievent

    Hence i never ever took the pleasure of devotion completely…and thought actually afraid to accept because of “me”…”myself” revolving in mind….

    Now i realised whom am i….? I am an amalgum of my parents desire…and more baba’s blessing.. so he knows what i deserve ..why to worry

    He gave me my beloved parents..he gave me loving family…he gave adorable friends…he gave all sort of befits …(materialistic)

    They why cant i leave the choice of groom to him….

    I surrendering to u baba completely…

    Choose me..and u definetly knw wht o deserve…

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