Being Sai devotee doesn’t make you or anyone good,truthful or honest

Sairam friends,

Over the past many years, Many Sai devotees had wrote to me and one of the usual thing they mentioned is

“Being a Sai devotee, he/she did this”

“Being a Sai devotee, she behaves so rude”

“Being a Sai devotee they say lie”

Well. Being a Sai devotee doesn’t many you, me or any one special. We are all humans with desires. Kindly do not give importance to anyone based on their devotion on Shirdi Saibaba. I really don’t understand why someone must be trusted just because they are Sai devotees?

Will you trust anyone just because they are going to temple regularly and doing pooja?

The problem with out society is that we have this belief that people who goes to temple, does pooja or who are religious are actually good. Honestly NO.

People pray Sai for their own needs. They need baba for their own welfare. To an extent, even I am selfish. I ask Saibaba, “Do you want me to work for welfare of all your children but you never bother me?”

So am I not showing Sai that my own welfare too is important for me. At least to make my parents happy. It Is. In what way, you can call me or any one good enough just because I worship Sai or do little things I can through StarSai.

Secondly, do we live as Sai expects us to live?

Sai himself says this

” You do things opposite to what I ask you to do”

Simply mind your life no matter what happens friends.You can trust anyone not because of what they do or which guru they follow. Trust them for what they are. To put it simple – Sai expects us to be careful with anyone other than our dear one’s. Why should you trust anyone else without knowing them personally?

There are so many good Sai devotees and we may not always meet the good ones. What if someone you trusted cheated you in the end?

Can I tell you how many men and women write me telling someone who’s a Sai devotee hurt them a lot?

Basically, its your ignorance and innocence. In relationship or business or career, people who are Good are Good and people who are Sai devotees may be good or may not be good. Its a matter of their nature. Now a days everyone prays Sai. So does the world have so many good people? Won’t we get better rain and happiness in this world if so many good people exist.

One more thing. I have seen people serving in temples showing off too much. I have cleaned Dhuni in Sai mandir for several years and I always try to be calm and not hurt devotees. Why these people serving in temples are considered good and allowed to shout and speak as they wish to other devotees. Are they special. Are you standing in Kashmir border and protecting the Nation? Its a temple and people need peace and not your dominance.

Anyway, Just be good to people who are good.

Just because I pray Sai doesn’t make me good.

I really must cultivate good habits and thoughts and my action should be good. This alone makes me good.

Same applies for all of us. We are Sai devotees. Fine but to be good we really have to take effort.

Anyway, I felt like expressing this today because I want people to trust others based on what they are as a human being. To know people, you might need sometime. To judge your friends, you must see how they behave in your hard times.

OK i am getting late now



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4 thoughts on “Being Sai devotee doesn’t make you or anyone good,truthful or honest”

  1. i too have observed this false show of devotion in many find god is not has to sacrifice a lot.not Only one’s own self but also children and family.who nowadays can do it?

  2. If a engineer’s daughter I will be recognised as being an engineer’s daughter u don’t know about Unix. Same applies here being sai’s devotee one cannot be good without his grace. My father engineer(sai) is teaching me what isunix (being good) but if a fool like me is not interested than it is my fault.. somewhere one has to be happy coz they are recognized as saint’s child or devotee,,,what more to ask for when he exist in us
    Very rare to find that in this world people are recognising each other by mylords name. Such beautiful article. Thank u thank u so much
    Always be positive. Recognising as sai devotee is that small step which u took first time… Slowly one will learn to walk
    🙂 Baba’s dear one

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