Shirdi Saibaba and life in the age of Social media & Cloud communication

Sairam friends,

Today many people are used to Social media and have almost become totally dependent on Cloud Communication tools to text, message, reach out, communication, build relationship, do business and what not. There are youngsters who get into problem just because of their Social media presence. Even a small word you say online to someone living a thousand mile apart might lead to disaster you din’t imagine.

Life used to be very simple in the past. Today,  technology has made it easy for someone to express their love, grudge, anger or anything else in a matter of few seconds. There are people live in an imaginary world. They take it very seriously if one of their friend din’t wish on their birthday after being notified by these social media sites. There are friends who get upset if someone blocks them on Whatsapp.

There are women who’s life is at stake just because they trusted a stranger they met online.

There are some positives too – People can do good to others, make someone happy, bring smile to the depressed by using these cloud communication tools to spread love.

When ever something good happens in life, we praise Sai. When ever we get into problems, we blame Sai for it. When our life is mixed with these Social media and Cloud communication tools, I wanted to express how one must be careful. Social Media is not some website which enables you to post your photos and write few words. Its a place where you connect with people and allow others to know about yourself.  So basically its all about “Building Relationships”.  The same social media platform can also break relationships and hence I try wanted Sai devotees to be very careful about their online presence.

In May 2014, Google offers “Forget me” service which helps people in European union to make sure any negative review about them can be deleted. At least a part of their name – Google sets up ‘right to be forgotten’ form after EU ruling.

Hope Indian Government makes Google India do the same for us because good or bad. People need their privacy.

StarSai’s Official Social Media presence

When ever I write in StarSai, I think will it make sense 100 years from now? Some of my articles won’t because I write based on my present thought process and how the world works today. From 2006, some Sai devotees has requested me to make a page for StarSai in Social media websites but I wanted to keep away from it. Anyway, I do have a page in Facebook for Sai devotees  which I never ever show to any one who comes to StarSai especially because I don’t want Sai devotees get distracted.

It has always been Facebook to StarSai and not StarSai to Facebook ( As of circa 2014 June)

For those of you asking for StarSai’s official Facebook page its here – Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Right from the early days, I never felt like having a Social media presence for Sai or myself. I did create a page for Sai but wanted to focus more on writing in StarSai than connecting with people on Social media.

In 2010, I made a Twitter account and never bothered it much.Once a devotee met me in Saibaba temple and asked me “Are you in twitter?” . I said , Yes. I created it but never use it much. I always find it more comfortable writing in StarSai and letting devotees come here to read rather than posting an update in social media websites. This is because of the simple reason.

1. Not all Sai devotees who gets a message about my article at a particular moment will be in mood to react the way I expect them to react. We all have our own worries, desires and goals. So when we are upset with our life, we may not find it comfortable when someone keeps irritating us with message about Shirdi Saibaba.

2. I can’t please all Sai devotees at one point of time. My views may vary from others personal opinion. Sai wants me to be calm and let people come here to read if they have time and interest rather than me going and disturbing them without knowing their expectations.

3. People get bombarded with so many things happening in their life. I want to be as calm as possible. So I keep Social media activity to least minimum.

A week back, My Father asked me “Seems the Indian Prime Minister is going to be on Twitter and everyone speaks about Twitter these days in News. What’s it?” I told him, “I too have a Twitter ID with few thousand followers but I don’t know any one personally. They are Sai devotees which is the only thing I know about them”.

He asked me to show my Twitter ID and I showed him this…

shirdi saibaba
Shirdi Saibaba

That’s just 21 Tweets in 4 long years. Recently, I started using it frequently but I will be very careful and as usual use it to minimum.


Sai devotees may be having so many worries and problems. I must not keep sending them messages. In spirituality we must have “Silence”. The same applies for our life too.

Add Silence in your life in the age of Social Media and Cloud Communication

1. Do not add all your personal pictures in Social media. Some people have habit of uploading every picture to their profile. Please do not.

2. Do not reveal all your important personal and professional issues. Have some limits in what you reveal.

3. Do not build a relationship just because someone looks trust-able in their social profile. Take your time to think what’s good for your life.

4. Do not express yourself completely. Have some secrets for yourself. People who come regularly to StarSai might assume, I say everything about my life. No. So more more happens in my life which I keep to myself.

5.  Come out habit in finding happiness when someone appreciates you on Social media and other cloud communication tools. Just because someone “Likes” you doesn’t really mean they did and just because someone din’t “Like” you doesn’t mean they don’t in reality. Do not social interactions much.

6. When you wanted to express an important information, please do it more personally. Have a human touch. Meeting someone or calling them when they are free is more beautiful than wishing them online.

7. Delete your Social media profiles if you want to. The friends you collect online might continue to get in touch with you if they really like you. If you get into problems better delete or avoid your social media presence to maximum.

That’s it. I am not going to bore you more…

So why on earth I want you to be careful about your Social media presence?

Strangers must not find you easily. Strangers must find it hard to know you and reach you. You must be able to shut all doors when you wanted to hide your online presence within matter of few minutes.  Problems won’t happen to everyone but when it does happen, you must be able to live your life happily. Infact, I can’t hide myself now and the same goes to anyone who regularly uses social media sites. I can simply make sure, that I use social media to minimum and be very careful about every word I let go to the CLOUD.

I wrote this article since I see many people think they do something good to themselves and Shirdi Saibaba by joining a Sai group on Facebook, Twitter or any where else.  You don’t.

I will be very happy if you remember Sai in your heart, closing your eyes and deeply chant Sai’s holy name. That’s devotion. That makes Sai and me Happy.

social media funny
My cute friends ! Love someone in reality

When I am writing this article,So many things is going in my mind simultaneously.

Many of you will be wondering, how I write in StarSai. I mostly focus only on writing deeply remembering Sai and sometimes, I when I wanted to be more productive, I do Multitasking. he he….At at work. Only at home !

Here’s a snap shot of how I wrote this article ! It took more than an hour…

1. I have my mobile on my table in which regularly takes my attention due to my addiction to check new mails every 10-20 minute.

2. I listen to a video about UX design from Harvard University.  Some UX expert is speaking with terms “Taxonomy, Wire frame, Usability, Call to action and basically about – Goals of a website has to be aligned to the user experience” ( Which will make you wonder if you learn so much about making a website more user friendly, why din’t you make StarSai look better…he he..)

3. Once in a while, my Mom comes into my room and speaks something and when ever its not about getting married, I smile or else I show faces to her.

4. I bite my nails. Have it cut it out as its been couple of weeks. The only thing in my life which assures “Growth happens. On day to day basis”

5. I look at the Lord Ganesha photo near my monitor which my Father kept couple of month saying “Now you have Ganesha near you. So everything will be good in life for you”

6. If I look to the side, I have a Calender printed by Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan – Dwarakamai Painting of Sai. ( 2010 which means I won’t change calender every year. I like this Dwarakamai Baba so much)

7. My cousin has come home with his child. So my father is singing his favorite song to the baby like he used to sing for my sister’s child.

8. I feel little uncomfortable for not spending time with my relatives and sitting in front of my Computer.

9. When ever anyone comes near me, I change this tab and act as if I am surfing something online. I told you. StarSai is my treasure.

10. By the time, I completed, I am listening to a video about Marissa Mayer, (Former VP, Search Products and User Experience, Google and present CEO of Yahoo Inc)  Sponsored by the Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Need a Quick info? Marissa was contacted to join Google by Larry when there were only 7 people working for the company.

Its 4 o clock in the evening. Sunday. June 8th 2014. I must be going out for a weekend walk in few hours.



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2 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba and life in the age of Social media & Cloud communication”

  1. Thoughtful and very well written article. I use social media very little and post no pics of mine or my family ever. I personally find it a waste of time since I don’t own a business to market my product or service in which case social media presence would’ve been imperative.

    It’s true that people have the need to tell/share every moment or every emotion immediately. We live in a society of instant gratification where pics/moments/laughs/trials and tribulations all have to be shared/experience right away.

    I for one despite loving technology have found no need even for even a smart phone since I got turned off by people that are constantly checking their phones for useless msgs/updates and are always distracted when someone is talking to them. I check emails/blogs etc. when I choose to for a limited time. You have certainly raised a lot of excellent points. May I take a copy of the pic you have created? It’s a great reminder!

    hmmm…Yes. You can take the pic.I do such funny drawings and purposely tell everyone see my drawing skills. I also say ,If I have painting kit, I would have become one of the greatest Artist on Earth..My friends say “First you learn to draw in pencil”…he he…Venkat

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