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Sairam friends,

I wish that I know to write better and that I am good with words. Honestly, Many who come to StarSai might feel that I don’t have good language skills. I write when am tired during late night and also morning before I go to office. So few articles have spelling mistakes and silly grammatical errors.

On Friday evening,I had been to Vinayakar Temple, Kamakshi Amman and Annapurani Temple.I felt the Goddess has appeared as white peacock as she was wearing a silver kavasam like saree. I meditated few minutes and then went to Saibaba Temple.

Since its friday, Mahalakshmi Pooja Prasad was offered to Dhuni Baba in Dwarakamai. Usually, devotees stand in que to get this prasad in Main hall but I take the prasad offered to Sai. I simply tell the priest, “I will take it and they always want me to have it”. I gave it to my friends and moved to the varanda to sit near a little girl as she was happy to see me.

As I was having to prasad, she told me, the Tamarid rice was made by her Mom and I said, that’s really tasty. She was wearing Rajasthani dress with glittering chamki on it. I told her “Its so beautiful” and she was happy about it. Another devotee came and told her she looks cute in this dress and he remembers his stay in Jaipur during childhood. I was pained as soon as he said this due to past experiences and simply prayed Sai.

Then the little girl asked me “Are you going to college?” I said “No”. She asked me “Officesa” and I said ‘Yes”.
The next question was “Kalyanam aiducha” ( Are you Married?)
I was blinking as I din’t expected it from her. I said “Illa”. No.

I know this little girl for years but asked her what are you studying now. She said “First Standard”. That’s 1st grade girl embarrassing me. “Saibaba idhu namaku thevaya.” ( Do I need this)

That’s something I won’t forget for life time. From someone too elder to my friends at work, people in temple, relatives and finally a girl as little as this asks me the same question. Its something cultural. You are not supposed to live single.At this age, decision to live single is very obvious.

Love Story

Anyway, Coming back to Love Stories and writing…

I wish to write a Love Story. It could be an expression of what I experienced in past several years or It could be simply something in my heart that tells me ‘You must write a book…A Love Story”

Years back, When I wanted to be in film industry, I read a book on writing screenplays the way they do it in Hollywood and started writing a love story between a War Photographer and his girlfriend. Its one of those favorite project in my life. I used to be in the editing room,suddenly disappear, go to cyber cafe and work on my story.When ever I had writers block, I used to read other novels or watch Movies or go to a Shopping mall to see people and let my imagination grow. It took 6 month to write.

When i completed it, I felt really happy – A 125 page screen play with people whom I created – I gave it to the editor and he read it on his flight from Hyderabad to Chennai. He had told one of my friend “It was a good story and he write love scenes so nicely but many times, I felt the climax was nearing but the story dragged which must be worked out”.

When I left the industry and came back to my hometown, I was not really sad, It was my decision but the creator in my is the same. May be Sai choose me as his servant for a bigger project.  A project of Humanity. In 2004, I simply created StarSai as I kept having vision of 8 Shirdi Saibaba statues arranged in the form of Star.

Later, It grow on me. I started coming around holy Dhuni- Fire of Sai and it became my life. I can’t forget the moments I spent coming around dhuni in Saibaba temple in my hometown. StarSai grew on me and today its my life. My soul and my love.

I really don’t want to write anything today as I was too upset and depressed. I went to take photo for Adhar ( India’s Unique identification Card) and wanted to write an article about it.

In the evening, I went to Sapna Book house and felt happy. Though I don’t read much, I love books. I love real physical book. Not those ebook stuff. We must hold a real book and read peacefully. I told my friend “How is that Shirdi Saibaba never wrote a single book in his life time but he has millions of people to love him?” My friend replied “Because he is God. He is God incarnate”.

I was looking at few Novels and my friend saw books of William Shakespeare  and said ” Love is blind” the famous quote we all use is actually written by Shakespeare. We were joking that we thought its such a local term that everyone says. Here’s the original Shakespeare’s quote

“love is blind
and lovers cannot see
the pretty follies
that themselves commit”  – William Shakespeare

Then I went to Saibaba temple, distributed Dhuni prasad( food offering). An elder devotee always have habit of taking a sweet or any prasad and feeds in my mouth and then have one for himself. I feel shy about it but he considers it as a way of blessing me. Today, when he came near me to take prasad, I said many people already took it. You must come soon after Aarti is over.

He said ‘ Your darshan is enough for me. Even to see a good person like you is enough for me”

I told him “I am also happy for your darshan”.

When I started from Saibaba temple, I wondered what Sai has in store for me in days to come.

I was Happy as my friend called up this morning but seems Sai doesn’t want me to be happy forever. By night I was again too Sad and felt what’s going to happen in my life. I really feel the pain coming into me once again. Sometimes, the best things in life seems to be so close to you but not for you.

So Why did I write about my past today? I would have been a filmmaker. I would have been someone unsuccessful or successful but honestly that would have simply given me temporary satisfaction. Sai dragged me to him like a sparrow tied to a thread, gave me experiences unasked for and today I see my life more meaningful.

StarSai is my only treasure and I wish to work for it for lifetime.

This is Love Story between Sai, myself and the Gods I love. May be Sai wanted me to work on the Love that’s more divine than the love between humans.

I basically don’t write about Sai much. I write what comes to my mind but it does touch Sai as everything I do, I do it for Sai and every thing Sai does, I know, He is doing it for me.

There are millions of Sai devotees more devoted, pure and skillful than me. I am the one with most negative thoughts. Am the weakest of all. Am the worst of all. Which is why I love it when my friend calls me “Fraudu” . She alone knows me well and so calls me that way but it is me who named her fraud first.  There are very few people in life with whom you can take rights and do what ever you wish to them and never say sorry for it. I never feel Sorry for what ever I did to Sai. I have hurt Sai more than any other devotee and I know Sai accepted it silently.

I love this famous dialogue from the Best selling Novel of Erich Segal ” Love Story”

One of those Novels which makes you cry even if you read it now. Don’t ask me if I shed tears. We all desire that love must end with happiness but sometimes, It is “Love” that matters and not how the end is.

“Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”

Oh God. How true is it?

We never have to say sorry to someone we love be it your friend, Mom, Dad or any one else.  But that doesn’t mean you can do all that you wish. Love means showing someone you care that you took rights on them to say all that feelings in your heart. Make sure you don’t take my words for granted. Words can wound people than any other weapon. Be careful with words. At least to the one’s whom you love and care for.

Sai’s Love and affection is so divine that he wanted to use all my creativity to work on his own “Love Story”. There is not a devotee whom Sai hates. Sai looks at everyone with equal eyes. This is a Saint who never bothers what you do to him externally. Many devotees write me asking about Sai Vrat Pooja and even the Shradha Saburi Pooja I created. They ask me about rules in such rituals and I simply tell them, do what you can as per your ability and comfort because Sai looks at your devotion alone.

Its your love on Sai that really is going to change your life and bless you with Good health,  peace, prosperity and happiness.

When I am really upset with Saibaba, I hurt him with my words but the same day, I feel Sai has taken care of me and I must see life and my Sai devotion more positively.

Every body Love’s Sai. Now a days, there are so many Sai devotees each showing their devotion on Shirdi Saibaba in their own way. I just worry about devotees who think Sai is a miracle worker. Sai is also like us friends. Like you and me. Sometimes, Sai can do big miracles like God incarnate but sometimes, our past karma is so bad Sai has to wait for the right time to bless us with happiness. It could be weeks, Months or years.

Are we going to patiently wait until Sai really comes down to help us?

Are you?

Hamadpant asked Saibaba if all the devotees who come to Sai are benefited?

Sai showed him a Mango tree and said

“Look at the tree with all the flowers in it. How nice it would be if all these flowers becomes fruit but do they?. Many wither off due to wind and other reasons and only few flowers becomes fruit”

Similarly, we all must love Saibaba and show devotion on him unconditionally. Sai will surely bless us with peace someday. Every Sai devotee is actually mentally writing their love story with Sai and Gods they love.

Some love’s Sai a lot and Some just pray Sai believing he will bless with a good life and fulfill their desires.

When ever you do any mistake, think if Sai will allow you to do it if he is sitting near you. When ever you hurt someone, realize that Sai wants you to live in harmony and even if others hurt you, you simply be calm and move on.

You are Sai’s child.

We are creating a Love Story that’s more divine than the one you can watch in movies or read in novels or the one’s you have in your love.

The Love we show on Saints are Gods are eternal.

Sai dragged me to his abode because he wants me to work for this “Beautiful, divine Love Story”

StarSai is a little Love Story between Sai and Venkat.

StarSai is a love story that I wish someday inspires millions of Sai devotees to believe in Sai and the power of almighty and make their live better by taking the path of devotion.

Devotion is the love we show on Saints and Gods.

Devotion comes from deep in you.

Look into Sai’s eyes and you will realize his love for you.

Look into Sai’s eyes now.


shirdi saibaba
Look into the eyes of Shirdi Sai Baba and meditate chanting Sai,Sai,Sai in mind

Did you look it to Sai’s eyes?

Since 95th Shirdi Sai Baba’s Samadhi day on Vijayadasami is nearing, I dedicate this article to Sai children who love Sai as much as I do.

Its not just enough if you call it as Sai devotion.

Its a divine Love Story.

A love story which continues birth after birth. I truly believe and realized Sai has been following me as a Guru during my severla previous births and in this birth too he has been taking care of me. If I have another birth, I wish Shirdi Saibaba is my Guru and I again live as the same Stupid little Servant of Sai.



Little Servant of Shirdi Sai baba


Note: I usually try to use the holy name of Sai as “Shirdi Sai Baba” when ever I write any article. Somehow, In this article, I want to keep it plain and simple.  Its hard for people who are new to StarSai to understand what I write from the bottom of my heart. My Love for Sai emerges from deep in my heart…my Soul and I can’t define this love. It overflows when ever I most humbly remember Sai, Sai, Sai…

The Filmmaker in me is recognized by Sai. Couple of years back Sai blessed me with a dream that I make a documentary about a journey across India filming Shirdi Sai Devotion and I will surely do it sometime in my life. Is there a better gift than working for Sai? No matter what I do in my life to earn a living and how old I get,  I wish to remain a little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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  1. U words made me feel so very blessed . I was depressed and just pressed something else and was redirected to this page. So very thankful to you sir u are guiding everyone towards the light .good job!

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