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Be practical. Worship Sai directly

Saibaba direct
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

This is an open letter to all Sai children who have been following StarSai regularly.

The truth about degrading myself

The past few days, you would have noticed, I call myself as a fraud. No one likes to portray themselves like that but I do it to give a clarity about all those who serve Sai or God for that matter. Be clear about this. None who serves Sai are completely pure or selfless. All of us are haunted by desires. May be, the percentage might vary but we certainly cannot be as humble,pure and sweet to be called as “True Sai servant”.

I just got some opportunity to do little I can for Sai because my parents gave me freedom to do so. That doesn’t really make me special. I go through the same worries and hardships as any other ordinary Sai devotee does.

The only satisfaction I get is that I am lucky that I got this interest to serve Sai.

I must thank my friends in Saibaba temple, The people who manage the temple for they kept the temple as a good place for devotees to relax,  the family I grew up, my Parents and Sister who tolerated me for all I did and also Sai himself.

Living my life and Serving Sai

Secondly, the past few days, I also mention that I listen to movie songs when ever I write articles. To be honest, I had always loved music and somehow, I again started listening to songs as before. I purposely write it here because many people think I lead a very divine and spiritual life. Honestly not. I am also in the same dirt. In the same world. The best part is, I still live up to Sai’s expectations. Atleast, I am trying to. I just wanted to express that the one who really serves Sai must also learn to be happy and bring happiness into others heart.

I spend most of my time worrying and thinking too much. So once in a while, I have mood to have fun and I do it creatively.

There are several stupid things I do in my day to day life to spread happiness around. For this, Sai has also blessed me with people who accept my stupidity. Today, at work, I purposely interrupted 2 girls speaking to each other and told them “I came to speak to 2 intelligent girls but since you busy talking to each other, I will speak to the 2 idiots over there”.

I moved to another team and told those girls “I wanted to speak to 2 intelligent girls and came here. But you are busy doing your work. So I shall go and speak to those idiots”.

I came back saying this to my place. I celebrated with everyone saying “This is the joke of the week”.

Well. You can comment on me. Say that I am foolish but this is what I am. I love doing silly things. I am enjoying this Baba. I laugh and I can also make others laugh. I even told one of my friend that my stupidity is keeping me happy. If I act too matured and smart, I can’t have fun.

OK. Let’s stop here. I was listening to an audio book now and it makes me remember my Father suddenly. I am scared now Baba. I know you are there. Please bless my Father with good health and long life. You know how much I love him.

I shall finish the article with the message I wanted to convey.

Please focus on Sai directly. Worship his photo or statue or remember him. That’s enough

I am not telling which temple because it happens in every Shirdi Saibaba temple on several occasions. They will say some one is serving Baba. He has come from Andhra, America, Himalayasa, Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari or what ever. They will do publicity and bring in all the crowd who comes to see Baba to have darshan of this man who claims to serve Baba. OK. I also serve Baba. Does that give me any special powers? I don’t have good buddhi to lead my own life. So must be any other person who serves Baba even if he acts as a saint or a priest or what ever.

I was reading Sainath Stavan Manjari looking at my mobile sitting in the veranda of the temple. One of this elderly friend of mine asked me to come with him so that he will introduce me to that Swamiji. Shej Aarti was going on and I went to his room. I wasn’t expecting much but really I did not like the way he behaved.

He was showing off and saying “I have to take rest. Many people have come. Let me send them and then you all can speak”. He was telling this to some ladies present there.

I stood away but I don’t want to hurt my friend who eagerly took me to meet this man. He applied viboodhi on my forehead and gave Photo of a Babaji who lives in Himalayas. I like that Saint Babaji because I love all ancient saints but I don’t trust any modern saints living now.

I came out and washed my face. I also gave away the photo to another devotee. I told some of my friends, he is elderly and I can give that respect for this age but I honestly don’t like his behavior because a true servant of any good saints will be full of affection and divinity. You will never come across such people in this kalyug. Better trust ancient saints and be satisfied. They know how to work on your life.

Why are many people influenced by people who say that they are serving Baba or any saints for that matter? OK. That’s their karma. They are born to do that and we are born to lead a wordily life. They can’t live our life and we can never benefit from their presence. They too will have desires and ego. So its meaningless to trust such people.

Kindly focus on Shirdi Saibaba directly. Sing aarti or just listen to Aarti. Read Sai Satcharitra.

Be happy in life and just remember Sai chanting his holy name.

That’s enough.

Once again, I fall in your feet and plead.

Saibaba is totally hurt when you are trusting such modern saadhus.

OK. You can ask why I went and met this so called Swamiji? Look. I can’t deny when one of my friend called me with interest that he wanted me to see him. Everyday, one of my Sai friend in Chennai, Srivaidehi sends a Sai photo along with quote. At times, it matches the situation I face. Look what she sent to day.

Hold on. God Knows what he is doing. Obey Me, not people. Don’t drift  away from Me for nothing and no one. Steady your mind and have faith in my words – Shri Shirdi SaiBaba

Saibaba direct

I will give you another real example.

In 1918, a week after Baba’s samadhi, another elderly saintly man who lived in Shirdi, sat in Baba’s aasan in Dwarakamai. He wanted everyone to believe that he is successor of Saibaba.

Within 2 hours, he started emitting blood regularly and it continued for a week.

Is this small example not enough for you people to prove there’s none who can replace Sai. So when you want Sai’s grace. GO DIRECT.

Remember this


Be practical. Please worship Sai directly.

That alone is the right path.

Om Sai Ram


I know there’s no use writing all these articles to innocent devotees. All of you want a real Man to come and tell you that you are blessed. Don’t you know Baba is still living? Baba is feeding you and protecting you. You will fall in feet of some one else? Go ahead. It’s your wish. I can never stop all this. My job is to tell people what Saibaba taught me. I never say its wrong. Do what ever you wish. Who am I to say what’s right and wrong. After all, who is going to trust me?

Hey. But not all are false. In 2007, I came across a man man sitting under a tamarind tree. I gave him some snacks. Later he came in dream and blessed me. What did you understand? Even today true saadhu’s are living but they are not in those temples or ashrams as you see. They are roaming in the roads, mountains, dirty and they never reveal who they are. Sai shows me who are really enlightened.

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  • Strange isn’t it if he has a different guru what was he doing in Baba’s temple may be to take rest.Let him be why bother him.Baba has space for everybody in His house.why get agitated for this.God bless.
    True. I usually ignore such happenings because in every temple some people bring such Men and claim they are very divine. One of my friend said that on Thursday, they left home at 12 since devotees were thronging to see this Swamiji. Ha ha..Even if Baba come’s they might ask him to hold on as they are busy looking at a Swamiji….Venkat

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