Your life will be good, if you do Phd

Sairam friends,

Last night, I went to Sai Baba temple, reached home and planning something for my new project. I read a book about 63 Nayanmar’s who served Lord Shiva and then slept off. This morning, I heared a voice which said

“Your life will be good, if you do Phd”.

I am not so excited about this because I am not really inclined to it any more. After all these years, Why should Sai Baba tell this to me? I am really not in a situation to take up such effort too. I shall consider what to do about it though.

I am writing this since it might be a message for everyone who comes to StarSai.

My Sister once told me that one of the bad thing about India is that many youngsters stop with their Graduation or post grad since they already get a job. Some students doesn’t have financial capability to continue education but even those who can doesn’t have interest to keep learning.

We need more scholars and researchers and innovative people in India. We are creating “Workers’ for the corporate world. We can almost call them corporate laborers.

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I am getting late now.



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