Shirdi Saibaba is handsome

Sairam friends,

I used to hear Sai devotees looking at Saibaba painting or Statues in the temple and tell that “Sai is beautiful today”. Most devotees only call him beautiful as they see the decoration, the way Sai is dressed and ofcourse the way the statue has portrayed Sai’s face as if Sai is really there with flesh and blood.

There’s a better way to perceive Sai.

Sai honestly isn’t an old fakir who looks weak and lifeless.

Many devotees who had personally met Sai has been captured by his divine handsomeness. If a devotee sits in front of him and glances his face for a while, they will at once be hooked by his pleasing appearance. His Swaroopa is Soundarya meaning his form is beautiful and being a man Sai truly is Handsome.

Shirdi Saibaba devotees also have this habit of looking at how good a statue or painting is when they worship Baba. Believe it are not, the real Sai will reveal in you when you keep remembering him day and night. Sai has a charm of his own and this smile will fill your life will happiness.

Irrespective of what happens in your life, believe in this divine saint we have got. His handsomeness is not because of his form but due to the purity in him.

Such is Sai

So pure and So handsome


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  • I am soo thankful to you for these beautiful articles. Every article you write answers me what ever I require for that day and situations. Sai truly lives in you. All your dreams that Sai show to you are true infact, as it answers somewhere some devotee who is in dire need of your answer. I hope you become very successful in your life Venkat. Your parents should be very proud of you. Sai will surely make it all true.

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