Purity check: How not to let dirt enter the palace where Sai lives?

purity check saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I have always wondered how it takes few seconds to let any kind of ill-thoughts enter your heart. You can be pure. Call yourself clean and good but being pure is a momentary decision. You must learn to be keep yourself in control no matter what situation you are in.

I realized people let go of their senses only when they face set backs and ill-treatment. Just because you face a problem in which you feel Sai or God would have helped you and ignored you, that doesn’t mean you must let go of your principle. Sometimes, you might complain that your friends are spoiling you. This isn’t always right because you can always choose to keep yourself pure. Better avoid friends who do not let you live the way you desire to live.

When Saibaba doesn’t seem to bother you, some of you simply ignore Sai. Are you going to gain anything ignoring Saibaba? Instead, focus on where you can change yourself and make yourself better. There must be something wrong with your own self or the desire you are addicted to.

A Guru will never give you what eventually will hinder your growth in the long run.

Saibaba lives in the palace of your heart. He will live in yourself as long as you are pure. The moment you commit a mistake, Sai doesn’t leave you but you let the dirt come into you where a Saint can’t live in peace. There’s always a difference in facing problems in life with Sai in your heart and facing the same problem without Sai’s presence.

Ask yourself the following questions

  1. Am i desiring what I deserve?
  2. Am I desiring something that’s true. ( You might like a girl/guy and ask Sai to bless you to get married but you never know if they will continue to deeply love you for lifetime.)
  3. Is God expecting me to go for a better option. ( Life is all about understanding failure and moving on to better option)

Further, I have never ever seen Saibaba as someone who can help me fulfill my needs and desires. Most of the time, he won’t. May be, he wants me to be happy with what I currently have in life. May be, he believes its not time for me to get what I want.

So love Sai beyond what you get through him.

Sai is not an ATM or instant Coffee Maker.

Just love him immensely.Purly. Madly and deeply.



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