Either you live or help others to live. Don’t think about your own failures

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Sairam friends,

The past couple of days, I was engaging someone at work as she’s gonna be onboarded in a senior position. Usually, I speak a lot to Employees who come from other organizations or environment as we can learn a lot from their experiences. This lady was really kind and shared a lot about professional and personal life.

She told me how desperately she wanted to go back to Singapore as it could help her support her grownup children who are not into college education. After speaking few minutes about her work, she opened up about her family. Seems, her husband passed away in a road accident when she was just 22 and already had 2 kids. She educated the kids in a boarding school and have worked ever since to support the family. Seems, she faced several issues in India when she was young. Later, She went to Singapore in a visit Visa and was worried when she got no job and she just had 3 days to go. She analyzed what else she can do other than her core skills. Suddenly, it trigged that she could be a Recruiter and it involves only good communication and people skills. She applied and fortunately the day before her visit Visa expires, she was placed in a job.

This has helped her educate her kids and also send money to her brother in India as her Mom had Cancer for years.

Later, We spoke about other interets. She said some of her business ideas and how its gonna take long to implement the same. She has a piece of land in Hyderabad which was gifted by her parents to her Husband. Seems her inlaws are leading a luxurious life but don’t wanna give this land to her as they believe it was a gift to her husband who had passed away and belongs to them.

Anyway, I basically have the following lessons to all of you from her story

  1. No matter how much wealth you have, women must keep enhancing their skills and get hold of a good Career. You certainly can’t depend on your Husband no matter how much he earns.
  2. India is a tough country to survive. So plan your life in a way your kids will get a comfortable life and good education irrespective of uncertainties in life. I know some men who made their Son and Daughter study in IIT and IIM though they are not economically sound.
  3. Don’t worry about your failures and disappointments in life. Its OK to be sad but get back to life with all your inner ability. Learn what good you can do to others through your experience.

This lady told me that she advices her Son to marry someone who is a widower even if she has a kid because she feels there’s nothing wrong in living such a life. Which Mother will give such an advice. She has suffered as a single Mother raising her kids all alone. This wisdom made her a women of substance.

I get several mails from girls that they can’t go through a breakup and their boy friend left them etc. I know it pains but do you have any responsibility because of this guy now?Do you have kids to raise all alone?

You have nothing to do with him if he lost his love for you.

So be careful and just live your life.

Why should you change the goals in your life when you face failure?

Sai shows me some dreams to inspire be articles based on that.

This morning, I had 2 dreams. One was like there was a huge statue of Lord Venkateshwara. Some people were offering rice in his holy feet. I could see Lord Venkateshwara’s palm moving. I ask if I can also offer rice. They give me some rice. I take it and offer in the holy feet of Lord Venkateswara.

In the second dream, I see a huge house and there were 3 cars in the parking space. The house was in round structure. I see myself with a girl in the terrace. The girl is planning to commit suicide and about to jump down the terrace. I have a huge rope ( he he..) and run behind her to tie her with the rope and make sure she doesn’t jump down. Instead as I reached the girl, she calms down. I just tell this to her

“Life is bigger than what you think. If you can’t get what you desire, do something to make others dreams come true”

You understood why Sai blessed me with such a dream.

There are so many youngters who get stressed when they are into relationship problem, when they face set backs in their career and business etc.

For all of them here’s the clear message

Either you live or help others to live. Don’t think about your own failures

I live my life like this these days. I crossed 2 third of my life to be precise. I don’t see any of my dreams coming true. I don’t even know what worth I will be if I keep on worrying about my own life. Instead, I just focus on looking for opportunities to help others fulfill their dreams.

I am not yet there. I did not help many but I have taken this path. Someday, I will certainly work on something that changes lives of thousands of people.

Don’t be stupid and self centered. There are ways you can make your life meaningful. Work on that. Ask Saibaba to show you a path. He will do it. It just needs immense patience.

I am getting late for work now.



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