Keep working even when you don’t get what you desire – Saibaba

Sairam friends,

Apologies for not writing regularly in StarSai. I have been working on few projects and irrespective of what I do doesn’t directly bring me any profit, I keep working on it because I promised Sai that I will work to create something that will make him proud.

Something strage with me is the way Saibaba gives me hints through Shama, his closest devotee. The other day, when clients did not pay me, I opened Baba’s book which read how Baba never encourages Shama to have wealth. Baba gave Shama spiritual wealth. He made him read Vishnu Sahasranama and other holy books. Baba taught Shama a lot by guiding him in every step of his life but never let Shama make money!

I asked Baba if you don’t wanna give me wealth the way you treated Shama, that’s totally fine but there are so many other good things that you gave Shama and not me. Can you make my parents happy Sai? You may in future but you din’t do that today.

Anyway. Going by Sai’s way of life isn’t easy. He does something that you totally dislike but you have to adjust that. Saibaba taught me a lot about work.

“When you take up a work, do it sincerely and work hard and smart for it but never expect result as you wish. Keep working even when you don’t get what you desire”

Our goal is to do something.

Either learn something or put your knowledge into use by working on something.

Never complain for not being blessed with a super cool career or a business.

Just do something and keep working!

On Sunday evening, I had been to the Bhadrakaali temple in Saibaba colony. I love the Mother so much. She’s truly divine.

Bhadra actually means “Auspiciousness”

Sometimes I remember Bhadrakaali and sometimes I remember Mahalakshmi.

I love remembering Goddess in my heart when ever I find time.

Try to chant Sai’s holy name in mind and do something productive. Never be idle.

Someday, your time will come to crown you with success!

Om Sai Ram


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