Remembering Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Amman

Sairam friends,

I have been remembering Goddess Maha Saraswathi of Koothanur a lot these days. I had been to that temple when it was not that popular back in 2005.

Wrote my Journey to Koothanur Saraswathi Temple 


Something I have been doing those days was to come around holy Dhuni of Shirdi Saibaba for over 3 hours every evening and that’s when my Mom told me about Koothanur Saraswathi temple. I went to the temple and remained there from morning to afternoon.

While I gave for pooja, a boy asked me if I wanted to offer 108 white lotus to the Goddess? I said yes and vow!

What I could never forget is her divine face decorated with 108 beautiful white lotus after pooja and abishekam. Can you get a lotus for one Rupee now? Even if you pay more, can you even imagine to take time to do that again?

From last night, I kept remembering Koothanur MahaSaraswathi amman. She’s a Goddess who has always lived in my heart!

I wanted to do something to inspire and motivate students and professionals to learn and hope Goddess shows me a way!

I am getting late now



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