I din’t know that a guy felt good just because I had smiled to him for 2 years

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Sairam friends,

Usually, Saibaba shows me dream of people at work. I had wrote you earlier that I saw a guy who kept worrying because of the way he is treated by his heads. When he was away for his Sister’s wedding, I saw a dream of him as if he’s going through a pain. It happened a week back. This morning, he told me that he had a dream as if Saibaba is asking for 120 Rupees as dakshina and he gave Rs.20 to Sai as he needed rest to have food. When ever someone tells me about the dreams they had, I get excited because I lived based on dreams.

So I told him

“If Saibaba asks you for Money and you gave it, it means something good will happen to you.”

Today, as I desired, I shot some footage for a Corporate video and felt happy atleast some people came forward to talk.

I was little busy but made sure I take that guy to Saibaba temple and asked him to offer dakshina to Sai. It was honestly crowded in the temple. The past 2 days, I purposely draw a Woodoo saying, if you draw a needle thinking about someone, then that person will feel the pain..he he…I know its stupid but I force people to looking at my drawing.

Later, in the evening, the guy whom Sai blessed with dream came near me to see my Woodoo drawing. I kept telling him I will tell you a Sai’s story. He never bothered me and was more keen in searching Google. He typed “What does it mean if Saibaba comes in dream”.

It landed on this article I wrote in 2008.  A site I made since I love Dhuni – Dreams from shirdi saibaba – Blessings or call to “face your karma”

Can you escape my sweet little site if you have these keywords “Saibaba and Dream”. he he…

Finally, I forced him to listen to the story in which Baba asked 15 Rs Dakshina to Vishnu Pitale who was working as a translator in Government office for a small monthly salary of Rs.30. He did not even had money to return to Bombay from Shirdi. If you follow StarSai for over a year, you must remember Vishnu Pitale was offered a job for Rs.150 – 10 times more than the dakshina he gave to Baba. And who gave this job? J.R.D. Tata!  What was the job about? He wanted to do document translation from Marati to English as he bought the current land of Mumbai Airport in Sahar. The best part is, for 5 generations they are Sai devotees and I had been to their home on March 2016 when I was in Mumbai.

I wrote about the story in this article –  Sai Baba who spoke to me in Mumbai came to me when I need him most

Smile to people even if you are not close to them

I smile to everyone I come across regularly. Guys in petrol bunk, Bus conductor, People working in shop, Securities at work, people who clean and ofcourse few people whom I know at work. Sometimes, I can’t smile because my mood doesn’t always remain same. I get into deep thought and wonder what’s gonna happen in my life.

One of this guy who joined the organization just couple of years back resigned and it was his last day. We can’t say he’s my friend but since I was involved in the process of recruiting him before 2 years, when ever I see him, I smile to him and say couple of words. Mostly, I ask him if he had been to his hometown during weekend. That’s it.

Today, he told me that he will miss me a lot because he felt good when ever I smile to him when we come across each other. I said, I do it with everyone. Just that, some guys will look as if I am a nut case if I smile to them. So I move on. I don’t even remember that I helped him to get through the communication round that enabled him to get the job. He mentioned that and told me “Wish there must be someone like you in the new company”.

I said, there are good people every where and he will certainly enjoy the new job in a month’s time. I like people growing ahead in this Career.

So why should I write this article today?

I had always wrote about doing little good deeds to people in day to day life. Infact, the past one month, I always complain Baba that I am not doing anything good to anyone. I honestly don’t get any opportunities to do good that easily.

This guy made me realize,

Even when you smile to people when you come across them, it makes them feel good or may be they feel secured and at home.

So if you know someone is good hearted, smile to them or say them a word or two. Its a small life.

Having said that, many people ask me why I keep my face sad at times? May be, I am thinking about something. I also get a sudden guilty feeling when ever I come across this girl whom Sai used to show in dream for the past 15 month. I feel like running away from the place. So I immediately ask Sai in my mind “Baba..Why did this happen?

How can you maintain a smiling face when you are really embarrassed?

Now a days, I always feel like I must pray for this girl for she’s lives in her own dreams. She’s little and her dreams must come true. That’s the only satisfaction I get. When you pray for somoone, you are actually desiring to see them lead a happy life. I get scared even to look at this girl and hence may never smile to her for lifetime unless Sai answers me why all this happened? The whole episode is making me feel dizzy. I am confused now. I feel sleepy now.

Coming back to the message of the article.

Keep smiling and be happy.

There must be someone who feels good when you smile to them.

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Be calm and simply smile at what ever is happening around you

Sai blessings


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