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Sai Baba who spoke to me in Mumbai came to me when I need him most

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Firstly, let me clarify that I am posting the photograph of personal Statue of Shirdi Saibaba kept by a great grandson of Vishnu Pitale. Since its their personal statue, I might have to give respect to their feelings if they are not interesting in posting this online and might remove it. I did not take this photograph myself but got from one of my Sai friend. I could not stop myself from writing about this divine Saibaba who really spoke to me. Trust me. All of you know that I don’t accept such things easily. Only if a miracle really happens, I will write about it.

How many of you will consider yourself gifted if you had visited the house and family where someone who has really met Shirdi Saibaba during his lifetime lived? When I was in Mumbai in March 2016, I went to Kakasaheb Dixit’s home in Vile Parle, Hanuman road. I had already gone there but forgot the address and hence Padma aunty helped me reach there.

For some of you who may not know who’s Kaka saheb dixit, he’s one of the prominent devotees of Sai. I can write a book about him because that’s the kind of role he played in being an example of how a true Sai devotee must live. I took photos in their house but did not write article about it since Sai stoped me to. It’s between Saibaba and myself  as there’s a reason behind it. But I will surely write about the greatness of Kakasaheb DixitJi’s home which is now a sweet Sai mandir. I just wish to convey a small message his great grandson Anilji told me when I spoke to him…

“This place is worth more than 20 crores but we decided to keep the sanctity as it is as Sai lives here. Hence, we made it as a Saibaba temple”.

I wish to pass on this message to every single Sai devotee. It’s not enough if you worship Saibaba. Try to show your kids how much Sai cares for them and help them take this Sai devotion in their life too. Kakasaheb Dixit has done such a punya that all his future generations had become Sai devotees.

If you still like to know in detail about Kakasaheb Dixit, kindly look for his name in various chapters of Sai Satcharita. Chapter 50 has a jist about his life.

Since Sai asked me not to write about my visit to their home for time being, I shall write about the Sai darshan I had in Vishnu Pitale’s home. Some of you are busy Sai devotees. So may not have read Sai’s life and have little chance to know who’s Vishnu Pitale. Here’s the brother of Harishchandra Pitale about whom we can read in Chapter 26 of Sai Satcharita.

If you have little time to read, I spoke about the leela in one of the video I made –  Let’s add some romance to Sri Sai Satcharitra

Who is Vishnu Pitale?

To keep the story short, Vishnu Pitale met Baba and stayed in Shirdi for 3 days. He was earning just Rs.30 a month.  He was blessed by Saibaba to get a good job after he returned from Shirdi. Baba asked him for dakshin of Rs.15 which he gave and emptied his pocket. He did not even had enough money for return journey back to Mumbai but Sai took care of him. Once he reached Mumbai, he was offered a job with monthly salary of Rs.150. He first denied but later realized that people in Shirdi had said

“When Saibaba takes one rupee from you, he gives you 10 times more”

Since he gave 15 Rs as Dakshina, Sai blessed him with a big salary (In those days) of Rs.150 a month and happily accepted the job. Do you know who offered him the job. That will make you smile – It’s none other than J.R.D. Tata.

Hmm..Such stories happened….Before 100 odd years!

I shall post the complete story when I find time someday.

saibaba devotee

Vishnu Balwant Pitale & Radha Bai Pitale – Photo used with courtesy

I wish to meet his great grandson during my next visit to Mumbai but since they are busy, I usually don’t disturb them. Let’s see if such opportunity arises. I saw him busy down the home and hence could not talk. Further, Sometimes, If I walk a lot even during night time, I sweat so much. So I avoid meeting anyone as they might wonder if some alien had come down? Even my Sister use to frawn her face wondering why I sweat as if I took bath.

My experience visiting Vishnu Pitale’s house on March 31 2016. 

I must thank Padma Aunty for she’s the one who asked me to visit Vishnu Pitale’s home. She said, his great grand son is  Doctor and they are running a trust to serve Sai devotees who do Padha Yatra to Shirdi. You can also have darshan of the Saibaba in Bronze statue. I said, fine and kept walking in the same road like a fool. I was wondering how come, I can’t see a small Saibaba temple named “Gurusthan Trust” over it? Then, Finally, I spotted it and walked near. I believe, that I saw the Dr. who’s the great grand son of Vishnu Pitale and asked him how to go to his home. He directed me but was busy down with some work. Hence, I just walked up stairs. I was sweating so much when I entered their home. A aunty invited me inside.

I saw some of them were having their dinner in other room. I felt little bad for causing inconvinience to them. I am a total stranger to them and I felt its really  not easy to live freely if you are from such great family where your ancestors had met Saibaba. You know, their freedom must not be hindered by visitors like us. This is my personal opinion though. It’s their generosity that they allowed me inside their home and let me have darshan of their personal Saibaba.

One of this elderly aunty asked me where I am from? I said “Coimbatore” and spoke few words to her. She then showed this Saibaba statue in bronze and said in Hindi – Vo Bolta hai!

“You ask him. He will actually speak to you”.

“This Saibaba speaks”.

That’s all she said.

Many of you know me very well. Even if someone speaks about miracles happening in Shirdi or if they spread romour that Saibaba opened eyes in temple etc, I don’t encourage it. To me, Sai is more than miracles. He’s a sweet heart.

But trust me friends.

I won’t write this if it really did not happened. Its going to be proof of my life if it really came true.

I turned my face to this Saibaba statue and joined my Palm. Even before I prayed, Sai spoke to me.

I saw his lips. It wasn’t moving. I saw his face. It’s just a Statue. But he spoke.

It’s between heart to heart. What Sai Baba spoke to me immediately came into my heart. 

I started having tears in my eyes as that’s the problem I was about to tell him and pray. It was just one sentence and I will keep it as a secret as of now. Please excuse me because its very personal until it come true. The next day morning, I woke up and walked to the little temple they have below their house and the priest gave me a Coconut.That Coconut is still with me near my Saibaba in my pooja place.

Sai’s words will come true but before that you must face the pains

Since Saibaba assured me something, I was so happy.I reached Coimbatore the next day on April 1st 2016. I had severe stomach ache. Since I was sick, my Father never revealed what he was going through. Finally, my Father told us and we took him to hospital. That week was the most painful week in my whole life.

The moment I came back to Hospital with my Father’s test report with my Mom unable to tell her what’s wrong with him was unberable. I had a pain in my chest which no words can explain. My Mom was shocked. My Sister asuaul was pained but she spoke confidently. She’s a scientist and I am an ordinary Indian. That makes all the difference. The next 3 month passed away in worries but I trusted Saibaba all the while. Sai too did his best to heal my Father – The gift of my life.

Only in July 2016, we were relaxed as my Father was healed. Even yesterday, My Father had severe stomach ache and I was with him awake all night but Sai is taking care of my Parents.

In August 2016, I was into another problem which I am facing now. Now, let me tell you something. The very reason I got into this issue is because of the words uttered by this sweet Bronze Saibaba. All these 3 month, I kept asking Baba

“You spoke to me. You assured me Baba. I came Coimbatore. All I faced was painful surgery my Dad had to go through. Then, this relationship issue started. But why din’t your words came true Baba’

It’s not at all a relationship. It’s completely my imagination. You know why I imagined? It’s because its related to the assurance I got from this Saibaba. Even when I write this, I feel tears in my eyes. Its unbelievable but true.

The best part is, I started the whole episide only since I believed what Sai assured me back in Mumbai. I myself will think how ignorant or foolish I am after few months but this is the kind of trust I have on even very small happening between Sai and myself. If he says something, I stick to it. I trust him heart and soul.

The past one month, I am totally depressed. Even when I was always listening to some songs and humming one of my friend told me

‘If a Man listens to songs like this, it just means he’s into depression”.

I could guess that really is me. Further, I love Music a lot though I never revealed that part to anyone all these years. So people around me might be wondering why I am always listening to songs these days. I love shooting and cutting songs. By this Newyear, I will surely shoot a song and edit it. Its in my heart now.

Anyway…I just can’t understand one thing. Why should my Saibaba misguide me? Tell me why?

He has taken care of even small small incidents in my life. Few years before, we wanted to paint our home. One of this painter we hired was too rude. So we payed him for that day, asked him to stop and moveon. I slept that night and Sai told me a name of a painter. The next day, that man came and did very good work.

Painter? For home?

You people must be doing it on your own through your contacts or have a look at some website which lists such service providers. Why is my sweet Saibaba taking interest in even helping me hire a painter for my home? Is that a big issue? May be, we were little concerned as the work had to be completed soon. But how can Saibaba show me even such little things in dream and say that he will send the right painter. Ha ha…

When such small issues are taken care by Sai,

My Life. The girl I am going to marry. He won’t misguide me.

Sai is my sweet heart. He’s my everything? How can this sweet Saibaba of Shirdi even imagine to tell me something that’s unreal. May be, I took it wrongly but his words are so powerful. Even though I am feeling ashamed for all that I did, after I die, I will surely meet Saibaba and speak to him about this incident

‘Baba. I did based on your assurance and that’s it but din’t you realize I got embarrassed and hurt”

Last night, I remembered this Saibaba who assured me in Mumbai and slept off. I was so sad that Baba has no feelings for me that he did not even come in dream. This evening, I got a message from Padma aunty with this photograph of Saibaba.

As soon as I saw the photo, I recogonized this is Baba kept in Vishnu Pitaleji’s home. I immediately called her and she confirmed too. I was so happy friends. I tried to see if Baba is giving me some message through the photograph and once again, I shall keep that within myself. Why should I always say things and get hurt in the end?

Now, lets see this Saibaba. You too tell him deeply about your worries. Pray to him. Listen carefully. Leave it, if you can’t feel that he speaks and don’t imagine yourself but I am sure this Saibaba really has that divinity that he speaks to his children.

Sai might give you either a positive or negative answer but accept it.

What ever Sai Baba speaks and does is good for you. 

Shirdi Sai Baba

Saibaba in Vishnu Pitale’s home – Photo used with courtesy. Copy right belongs to their family and I might remove this if asked to

I never take photos of Saibaba either in temples that easily as I fear if someone might scold me. So I never even thought of taking a photo of this Baba when I visited Vishnu Pitaleji’s home. I felt, its their personal Baba whom they do pooja in home and further none were around to ask for permission. So I never even imagined to receive this Baba photo. I was soooooooooooooooooooooo happy. I started from work and kept humming the Hindi songs I have been listening to. I was really happy.

We went to the clinic to get medicines for my Father and a Rathna Vinayakar temple. My friend insisted that we go to a Saibaba temple called Dwarakamai. We started in bike. I was into my own worries that I never told him the right road to take. He went beyond that and I felt so bad for not seeing Baba in temple today as it was over 9 o clock. I told my friend

‘Saibaba never understands this love I have on him. I miss him so much at times. But see what he’s doing to my life. I am hurt”

I reached home and started writing this article. My back ache’s now as I keep sitting all the time. Its 12.30 at night. I am going to sleep thanking Saibaba for giving me darshan when I need it most. I was so depressed but atleast when I saw the same Saibaba statue who spoke to me, I felt happy.

Baba, please can you come tonight in dream and guide me. Please show me a way Sai.

I am totally confused and depressed.

Mudila Saibaba. What should I do now? Tell me clearly?

Please don’t hurt this humble servant who’s whole life is run based on your words and assurances.

Love you Sai,



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