Let’s add some romance to Sri Sai Satcharitra

Sairam friends,

Its 11.56 at night. I thought instead of speaking about my stupid life, I must pick one story from Sri Sai Satcharitra and make a simple video of the same. I spent few minutes trying to make some tunes with online piano. he he….My fingers are paining now. Namakku idhu thevaya? Now a days my palm is paining for no reason. I have to spend some money and hire a professional Musician to make a jingle for StarSai Videos – Coffee with Venkat . I don’t have enough budget for but the lyrics is already ready. Its in English because I don’t know to write songs in Hindi or Tamil. Hold on until I can invest some money for a super cool jingle.

We are gonna rock You! Trust me. I will! Sai will!

My Sister has paid hosting fee for the coming year. One of my friend asked me if he can find an affordable one or move it to his. I said, “I am making my sister pay every year because I want her to take part of what I am doing for Sai. Brother works for Sai and Sister pays. She has to.” He he… She hardly has time for doing prayers but as far as I know, she does more good karma than me. Sai bless my Sister’s family for her happiness is mine.

I thought I must use high tech recording tool on cloud and tried a cloud software. I spoke all this while about leela of how Saibaba helped Harishchandra Pitale in Chapter 26 of Sri Sai Satcharitra. It was a 12 minute audio track. I stopped it and about to play back to listen how it was recorded. Something happened and all that I recorded went offline.

You can’t work that easily for Sai. He will test you. He’s very suspicious saint. He will check if this Venkat is really interested in speaking about my glory or tell his own stupid life stories to the world..he he. I did not give up. After 12 o clock at night, I once again recorded the whole piece. I had to switch off the fan, bring Saibaba deep in my heart and read this story for all of you to enjoy.

Hey. We are recording sound using cloud software. I always tell some at work that we must make applications to address the changing digital ecosystem but I was thinking I myself don’t know to host StarSai on cloud. Thankfully, I am taking StarSai digital gradually. Sai’s glory must reach you when you must need it.

Let’s add some romance to Sri Sai Satcharitra 

Firstly, let me tell you an incident. Few years back, when I had been to Pondicherry with my friends, one of my friend asked “Shall we go to the beach and sit watching the waves for sometime”. It was already 11 at night and none of these guys agreed as they preferred being in the room. He immediately told “Unromantic guys”

That’s when I understood ..

“Romance is not what you express to a girl alone. It’s your state of mind and what you are.” 

Hello. Idhalaam naalaiku enoda Wikipedia pagela varum.

Note it down to give it a space in my wikipedia page if at all one was made for me. Venkat’s quote number 2286

Having said that, I felt Sai Satcharitra must also be read with love and romance on Shirdi Saibaba.

When I read it out, you could realize how much Sai loves his children and he loves you too. You will feel romantic at heart remembering Sai.

Let’s do it.

Here’s the story of Harishchandra Pitale.

Sri Satcharitra 26 – Lord protects him, who has got faith – Shirdi Saibaba

I did not had time to test the video after upload.. Just holy fire! I am in hurry to go to work.

I pronounced his name with “Tha” sound and not “Ta” sound because I liked it. I know its too south Indian but I liked it ya. I called him “Pithale”

In March 2016, I had been to house of Vishnu Pitale in Mumbai. ( He’s brother of Harishchandra Pitale). I will write that experience later. I saw a Saibaba in their house whom one old lady said will speak to us. Saibaba did spoke to me. I won’t tell what. It’s a big secret of my life.

Harishchandra Pitale – Chapter 26 – Sai Satcharitra

There was a gentleman by name Harishchandra Pital in Bombay. He had a son, who suffered from epilepsy. He tried many allopathic and ayurvedic doctors, but there was no cure. There remained only one way of remedy, viz. resorting to the saints. It has been stated in Chapter XV that Das Ganu by his inimitable and splendid kirtans spread the fame of Sai Baba in the Bombay Presidency. Mr. Pitale heard some of these kirtans in 1910 and learnt therefrom and from others that Baba, by His touch and mere glance, cured many incurable diseases.

Then a desire arose in his mind to see Sai Baba. Making all preparations and taking presents and fruit-baskets, Mr. Pitale came to Shirdi with family, wife and children. He then went to the Masjid with them, prostrated before Baba and placed his sick son on Baba’s Feet. No sooner Baba saw the child than an untoward thing happened.

The son immediately revolved his eyes and fell down senseless. His mouth began to foam and his whole body began to perspire profusely and it seemed as if he breathed himself out. Seeing this, the parents became very nervous and excited. The boy used to get such fits very often, but this fit seemed to persist long. Tears began to flow ceaselessly from the mother’s eyes and she began to wail, crying that her condition was like that of a person, who being afraid of the robbers ran into a house which collapsed on him,or like a cow fearing a tiger, ran into the hands of a butcher, or like a traveller, who being tormented by the heat of the sun went to take refuge under a tree, which fell upon him, or like a devout person going for worship into a temple which collapsed upon him.

Then Baba comforted her saying –

“Do not wail like this, wait a bit, have patience, take the boy to your lodging, he will come to his senses within half an hour.”

They did as directed by Baba and found that His words came true. As soon as he was taken into the Wada, the boy recovered and all the Pitale family, husband, wife and others were very delighted and all their doubts disappeared. Then Mr. Pitale came with his wife to see Baba and prostrated himself before Him very humbly and respectfully and sat shampooing His legs and mentally thanking Baba for His help. Baba then smilingly said –

“Are not all your thoughts, doubts and apprehensions calmed down now? Hari (Lord) will protect him, who has got faith and patience”.

Mr. Pitale was a rich and well-to-do gentleman. He distributed sweet-meat on a large scale and gave Baba excellent fruits and pan (betel-leaves). Mrs. Pitale was a very Sattwik lady, simple, loving and faithful. She used to sit near the post staring at Baba with tears of joy flowing down from her eyes. Seeing her of an amicable and loving nature, Baba was much pleased with her. Like Gods, Saints are always dependent on their devotees who surrender and worship them with their heart and soul. After passing some happy days in Baba’s company, the Pitale family came to the Masjid to take Baba’s leave to depart.

Sacred Coins given by Saibaba

Baba gave them Udi and blessings and called Mr. Pitale close by and said to him – “Bapu, I had given you before, Rs. two, now I give you Rs. three; keep these in your shrine for worship and you will be benefited.” Mr. Pitale accepted these as Prasad, prostrated himself again before Baba and prayed for His blessings. A thought arose in his mind, that as that was his first trip to Shirdi, he could not understand what Baba meant, when He said that He had given Rs. two previously. He was curious to have this mystery solves, but Baba kept silent. When Mr. Pitale returned to Bombay, he narrated to his old mother all that had happened at Shirdi and the mystery about Baba’s giving him Rs. two formerly. The mother also did not understand the mystery, but, thinking seriously about that, she was reminded of an old incident, which solved the mystery. She said to her son – “As you now went to Sai Baba with your son, so had your father done when he took you to Akkalkot, for the darshana of the Maharaj there many years ago.

That Maharaj was also a Siddha, Perfect Yogi, omniscient and liberal. Your father was pure, devout and his worship was accepted. He then gave your father Rs. two for being kept in the shrine and worshipped. Your father worshipped them accordingly till his death, but thereafter the worship was neglected and the rupees were lost. After some years the memory of these two rupees also disappeared and now, as you are very fortunate, the Akkalkotkar Maharaj has appeared to you in the form of Sai Baba just to remind you to your duties and worship, and to ward off all dangers. Now beware henceforth, leave off all doubts and bad thoughts, follow your ancestors and behave well; go on worshipping the family gods and the rupees, appraise properly and take pride in the blessing of the Saints. Sai Samartha has kindly revived the spirit of Bhakti in you, cultivate it it your benefit.” Hearing the remarks of the mother, Mr. Pitale was very much delighted. He came to know, and was convinced about the all-prevasiveness of Baba and the significance of His darshan. From that time he became very careful about his behaviour.

Sai Satcharitra
Sai is glorious – Photo used with courtesy

That’s it friends.

Did you liked it. I just used holy fire of Dhuni in video as I don’t have time for more work.

Trying my best to do little I can for Saibaba when ever I can.

My Father had fever last night. So I was little upset. Sai, heal my Pa.

Please show me a way. Some one at work really made fun of me for saying what ever happened during his absence. He joked “So you did child abuse”. I am thinking about it and laughing often but I feel like shedding tears to Sai when ever I go to temple and look at Dwarakamai painting. Do I need this name? Please show me a way Sai. Fine. Agreed. Let them be a child. Din’t I accept it? –  Sai, bless me to see your children as my own child   I am little pained by the whole episode.  I am reading Sai Satchartitra for someone. Infact, this idea of making videos picking stories from Sai Satcharitra came to be because of all this depression. I am trying to divert my mind.

Make me pure and let me be yours Sai.

Now and forever.



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  1. Dear Venkat, thanks for the Video. It is always nice to hear about Sai baba. we always feel like hearing more and more about Baba. Please keep posting such videos.
    i have read your article of lighting 108 lamps to baba. I have decided to perform 108 lamps to Sai baba on AYUDHA Puja day at my home.Hope baba blesses me in performing pooja successfully.

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