Reading Sai Satcharita to be blessed with good life

Sairam friends,

I am bored of my life and also don’t have much to say about what’s happening in my life. I wish to publish some Sai devotees experiences. Please feel free to share your experiences. Only request is, I don’t like experiences which are abnormal like Udi falling from photo, Sai in moon etc. Share realistic experiences on how Sai helped you in your life.

Here’s a mail I received from a Sai devotee pooja. She was worried about her life and started reading holy book Sri Sai Satcharita. Sai blessed her with good life. Please read her experience.

Hello Venkat,

Om Sai Ram.

My name is Pooja I am devotee of Sai baba.

I loved a guy a lot but due to difference in financial status, my family was not at all ready to get us married and so they start looking for other guy who will be suitable for me but somebody told me about Sai baba Leela so I kept faith on him and started reading Sai Satcharitra daily and after a year miracle took place my family was ready for our marriage and that too happily and not only this due to baba grace he got a better job and now we are living happily.

After few year of marriage with baba grace I conceived and hope baba protect us and our baby.

Om Sai Ram
Shree Sai Ram
Jai Jai Sai Ram
Sathguru Sai Ram

Thank you so much for sharing amazing Sai leela experience and inspiring the devotees.

Sai baba bless all of us.

Sai devotee,

Hope you like how Sai helped this girl. Now, don’t mail me asking why Saibaba can’t help you. Well, some relationships are meant to end up in marriage and some aren’t.

Today, Something good happened at work. I am little worried but also have reasons to be positive. This morning, I came across a story in which a devotee Mankar was in Shirdi for few days. When ever he was sitting in Dwarakamai, he would turn towards Radhakrishnamai’s hut. There was a very beautiful and divine women in that hut and only he could see her.

She wasn’t visible to any other devotee. Later, Sai told him that its Goddess Annapurna.

I remembered Annapurna so much all this day. I started in my car only at 7 from work. Usually, the Annapurna temple in Coimbatore, R.S Puram would close at 8 P.M. Thankfully, I reached the temple and had darshan of the Mother.

The old priest there is one of the priest I respect so much. He truly serves the Goddess. I told him that I came all the way to see him.

I added that, last time when I came he wasn’t there. He replied that he will always be with Ambal and never leave her.

Seems there was a wedding in their family last month and even for that he did not go as it was Friday and he preferred serving the Goddess.

Now a days, so many young priests are there in all temples. I hope atleast few of them learns what it means to really be a priest and serve the Goddess.

Later, I went to Saibaba temple, lit lamps and felt good.

I reached home and spoke to my Mom for few minutes. She told me that my Dad and Sister are hardworking and I am lazy.

Ha ha…Yeah…I am lazy.

I certainly can’t work like my Sister. I don’t even keep my room clean. I honestly don’t know when I am going to clean it. The past few month, I am really in a confused state. My mind is focused on few project I do. That’s it.

I am going to sleep now.



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