Worried about Relationship? The Earth can never stop moving around the sun. Life goes on…

Sairam friends,

This is a very beautiful for all of us in our family because Valentines day happens to be my Sister’s birthday. I pray Shirdi Saibaba to bless my Sister, Brother in Law and their Child.

I have seen the India where nothing existing – No Valentines day, Father’s day or Mother’s day. Only thing that existed when I was a kid was Teachers day. he he…which I personally did not like since all the teachers were like people who were on Earth to put me inside the jail called “Classroom”. That’s how badly the Indian Education system is portraying itself to several thousand children even today.

Even Mythological stories of India had so much love and romance in it which exited before several hundred and thousands of years back. Hence, we don’t need a day to celebrate Love. We were doing it everyday.

So why I write about relationship today. Its because, I get mails once in a while from girls and guys saying they are going through breakup, someone cheated them, they can’t live without them etc.  It makes me think, why these people don’t have enough strength to get out of past memories and lead a happy life?

Some people go through worst depression that they would never be able to come out if and focus on their education and career.

When I am trying to do something good for Students and Schools and Colleges, I come across situations where some of them have got into a relationship, being emotionally played, got hurt etc. Finally, they loose their interest in learning. Even students who share everything to their parents are reluctant to reveal relationship problems to them and worry a lot.

I have started replying mails of students alone these days especially since I want them to focus on their studies but how many people can I guide personally?

Some professionals too get into relationship problem and worry a lot as they can’t decide what’s good for them.

I have some ways of making these people understand that they must not worry about someone who left them or who gives emotional pains to them and focus on their career.

Here are some guidelines I have to make you believe

“Life is bigger than the one person you love”

There are few major kinds of problems in relationship

1. You love someone and they don’t respond to you gradually, they have some habits you don’t like, they behave rude to you.

2. You both love truly but due to various reasons can’t marry.

3. You are going through a breakup.

For all these problems, you only want a positive solution and you come to Sai’s website believing Saibaba will help you. Well, In some cases, everything turns good.

What if Saibaba can’t help you. Our’s is a simple and sweet Saint. Agreed. He is powerful but he has no strength to work on minds of people who are stubborn. So when things don’t turn out as you desire, are you going to sit and worry forever?

There is more to life than one person you love. If you feel one you love is not reciprocating, better get of such relationship and focus on your life.

If you feel your parents don’t like the girl or guy you love and wish to be good to be parents, only option is to painfully separate. I know its painful but that’s what girls I believed in did to me. I can’t say they are bad. They are just good to their parents. Am I not still alive trying to lead a stupid life?

Life is gives you all pains and problems. You must internally strong to come out of it and focus on something bigger.

If you are going through a breakup, just think about Sai’s words

“Relationships are like wooden logs. We meet people in life like wood which is carried away by river water touches another wood. Is this permanent.?”

Have some detachment with someone who gives stress to you. This will help you grow ahead in life.

Most of these people in relationship think they are going through worst possible pain in life.

Let me clarify. You are not. You are leading a good, peaceful life.

Tips to come out of relationship worries and problems

1. Go to a Book shop and buy some good books to read. If you hate reading, just listen to good music.

2. Go out to temple or at least sit calmly and meditate in your house for 10 minutes

3. Read GatesNotes.com

Why should a Man who has all wealth on Earth care about improving life of millions of people having health issues and obstacles in education. I always tell this to people I come across.

“If you want to grow in life, learn about life of 100 people who have achieved something in their life.”

4.  See what’s happening to children who are in war zone. Are you suffering so much? Learn what a gifted life you are enjoying.

See this..

relationship worries inspiration
Look into this eyes and remember you are going to be fine.

See how Men, Women and Children in some parts of the world are suffering. You must focus something bigger. You can’t go help them but make yourself more strong and do little you can to kids near you.

Read this article

7 Million Syrian Children Face Sub-Zero Temperatures Without Clothing, Heat: Report

So what did I try to do with this article?

I simply try to see you life in a bigger scale. You are in pain. Fine. Its going to get over by your own inner ability and not others. Sai lives in you.

May be Sai made you read this since he cares for you.

There’s bigger life to your life than your narrow minded self centered story.

Go on and Live.

Can the Earth ever stop moving around the sun? Imagine life without Day and Night. Imagine life with out Light and Darkness.

Your relationship pain may put you in darkness today but our beautiful Earth keeps moving around and take you to “Light”.

Your time will come when you can really be happy.

Don’t worry. Be good to yourself and your parents.

You are going to be fine !

The Earth can never stop moving around the sun. Life goes on…

Sai Blessings,


Note- My neighbor uncle is hospitalized and might go through a heart surgery. His sons are in the U.S and so aunty asked me to be with him today. I don’t know how many parents helped their son and daughter to fulfill their dream but won’t have them near at the time of need. There are girls who say that their parents are in India having health issues and they can’t even be there for them.

You choose that life. You hardly think about your parents when you wanted to marry a man with a big job and lives in a big country.

Your Mom and Dad are at home. Life gives you what you desire. If you get something big, You might loose something small. Someone as small as your Mom and Dad.

Is anybody listening me?

After all, I am a Sai servant. Who would listen to me? – Venkat

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7 thoughts on “Worried about Relationship? The Earth can never stop moving around the sun. Life goes on…”

  1. Thanx for ur beautiful article. Helped me a lot. I am facing same caste issues problem in my relationship.
    I will pray for your neighbors health.
    Om Sai Ram.

  2. Sairam Venkat,

    There are so many devotees of Baba silently listening to you just like me!

    So please keep up the good work.

    Jai Sairam!

  3. On sai ram
    Sometimes we want to say so many things but don’t have words to express our feelings.just read silently
    And feel from inner part of our heart.And just say OM SAI RAM SAI BABA U R ALWAYS WITH ME

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