To the Men who serve Sai

Sairam friends,

I usually write articles addressing girls because when I spread a message for a women, both Men and Women read it and the reach is more. Inbetween, I also hint a message for Men.

I was thinking if I can write something especially for Men who are Sai devotees.

Over the years, I had come across some wonderful guys who are sincere and dedicated to Sai seva. I must specifically stress of couple of my friends Venkatesh and Vijaykumar for the way they take care of holy Dhuni and the way they silently do some work or the other in the temple. Usually, I never mention names of anyone I speak about in StarSai. This time, I had to do it since I myself might forget them in future. These are not saadhus. They have family to take care and they have responsibilities towards their family. Why on Earth do they come to serve Saibaba?

Don’t they have other business to do?

Its easy to have loads of ego while serving Saibaba but some Men alone are able to never let the ego get into them.

I have seen some people who serve Saibaba in temple. They shout at devotees and show off too much. I wonder what they think they are? Excuse me. You are not building a rocket. Anyone else can do what you can do.

I am not serving in Saibaba temple as before

As I don’t have enough time as before, I am not able to serve in Saibaba temple regularly. Further, my friends are taking care of Dhuni and filtering Udi etc. I don’t even join them these days. I avoided all this just because my parents feel that I am always into Sai devotion. Well. This is strange.

Just because my parents felt I must not be too much religious, I completely avoided everything.

Why should I mention this? I myself feel that going to temples and doing seva physically doesn’t matter if I remember Sai every moment.

Saibaba lives in me and guides me especially since I remember him every now and then.

When I do a mistake, Sai warns me to stop and and re-think if the path I follow is right or not.

I am still nobody. I am not as good as so many men out there. I don’t even have any proof to tell that I have been a responsible son as in Indian context, I failed to do things what a son must have done.

Irrespective of writing so many articles for girls and women, my respect certainly goes to some men who aren’t Sai devotees but they are good at heart. They are responsible towards their parents, wife and children.

Hope I learn from them or I never would!


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