I swept Shirdi Saibaba temple for one day and one of my friend is doing it for over 15 years

Sairam friends,

Couple of days back, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple, lit 3 lamps as usual and simply was looking into Saibaba’s portrait in Dwarakamai. I went to the main hall and prayed Saibaba. I love the Saibaba’s painting behind the statue. One of my friend asked me if I can sweep the main hall. I said fine and started sweeping. I enjoyed doing it and was happy about it.

I had pain in my palm just for holding the broomstick and sweeping few minutes. I went behind so that none will see me and looked into my palm trying to relax the fingers. I am really surprised because I think that I am strong but can’t do a small work that my friends do everyday. Years back, I used to dig in the Dhuni and clean the ashes with my friends. I am used to the heat and iron rod. Anyway, I swept clean and came home. On the way, I was thinking that I am weak since I always sit in-front of my computer and doing some stuff.

3 days back I worked until 3 at night.  I thought none will find it at work place but it shows on my face. Yesterday, I tried to sleep early but had to do some work until 1 at night. I have to do something to my palm and make myself strong. I assumed that I am really healthy. Again, the past 2 days I had to work until 2. A.M.

I am working on something I like to do. So I don’t feel sleepy at night.

Anyway, the reason I wrote this story is because I want you to understand something about serving Shirdi Saibaba.

There are many people who truly have devotion on Sai and serve him. They do it for their love on Sai. They are very punctual in doing their work. They do have their own negative qualities like shouting etc but try to see their positive aspects.

You don’t have to treat them special but why should my friend come to temple punctually at 7-8.p.m every single day all these years to sweep and arrange prasad to be distributed after night aarti? He has a sense of responsibility even though he knew someone else will do that work in his absence.

He is not well off and he could have done something else. People who serve Saibaba are not jobless. They do it as they enjoy doing it. I have seen many people look at me as if I am an alien just because I come around dhuni too often in the past 10 years. (Now a days, I try to simply sit in Dwarakamai if I feel I am disturbing other devotees). You have seen youngsters going for high flying jobs, they go abroad, they get married, have kids and make a family. Appreciate it but that doesn’t mean anyone who serves Sai is not leading life the right way.

A very good example is this.

Once Annashaheb Dabolkar was worried since he was jobless. Another devotee told Baba on his behalf “Baba, this Anna has a big family and he needs a Job”

Baba tells him “He will get a service (Job) but ask him to serve me now”

I understood that Sai has allotted a specific time for everyone to serve him and during that time, they can’t work on the high flying life the society expects from them. We are simply managing to live.

I wanted to write more but getting late to work friends.

You take care.

Note – I honestly don’t have much pain in my palm and will be happy to sweep temple and dwarakamai when ever I get opportunity. I just felt embarrassed due to such pain. I think, I will be better by Sai grace. Since I am always on computer, I don’t even go for morning walk. I must do better time management by Sai grace.

Om Sai Ram



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