Saibaba’s love for birds

Sairam friends,

Yesterday, I had been to Saibaba temple, climbed on the terrace to offer Garland to all the 5 Saibaba statues and came down. I was just roaming around as I had some work to do. Then I came home and felt too sleepy but was trying to watch some tutorials online. I slept off and had a very sacred dream in which I saw Perur and Marudhamalai in dream. I also saw many birds are with Sai.

So I wanted to write about Saibaba’s love for birds

Once a devotee in Shirdi had a feast in his house. He invited saibaba to come to the feast so that all the guest will be happy. Sai assured him that he will come. The feast started. Few chapatis were kept in a plate for Sai in the varanda. Immediately a crow came flying, took a chapati and flew away. Every one believed that its Sai who has come for the feast.

The reason is that when ever anyone feeds bird or Dog or any animals, Sai used to say its like feeding himself.

I liked to post this beautiful photo of Birds from Wikipedia ! All the birds are cute…

i love birds
i love birds – Birds Diversity courtesy of Wikipedia

OK friends. I am really in hurry now.



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