Saibaba’s Aarti helps beautiful Cat to sleep peacefully

Sairam friends,

I received this beautiful devotees experience from Ana. First you read it and below that I expressed few words about “Giving” and how Sai devotion isn’t restricted to any religion.

Dear Venkat,

I have a story to share. I had a beautiful cat named Carito, who came into my life in 2002. She was my family pet. She got sick in late April this year. She died in June. But Shirdi Sai blessed her this way: I would play aarati very often because I had to feed her with a veterinarian tool because she had a tumor in her head area/nose and could not eat by herself in the end. She bled from her nose every day all the time until by mid June she could not eat at all, or drink water by herself , and in her last days she could not walk much or breathe.

Saibaba’s Aarti helps Cartio to sleep peacefully

But the few days before she died, I would play evening aarati for her– and sometimes morning aarati too, and then she would miraculously be able to sleep on a pillow-duvet on the floor. I lighted lamps, too. I know Sai Baba did these miracles: He let me be able to have  a month to say goodbye to my beloved little cat and he helped her in her last hours.

I feel she is with Sai…. Her name was Carito. She lived at least 15 years, because my family rescued her when she was about 1 year old from a “pound”– we live in USA, back in 2002 in West Virginia and now we live in Virginia. So my mom who doesn’t know much about Aarati or Hindu rituals was so touched about Kakad Aarti, since part of this is ” Kakad aarati kareeto…” (kareeto sounds like Carito); and my mom loves Sai Baba too since the time I was a small child

We are from Central America and speak Spanish. We are born as Catholic Christians , but we love and follow Sri Sai Baba (as well as our own traditions). I follow your blog. To my mom I always talk of your blog, and say, “my Sai friend, even though I don’t know him… wrote in Starsai that…. ” Hahaha , all Sai children are my friends in my heart. So she said, “Well write to him, please, and why don’t you do this?”

So thanks for your blog, words, all you do to help us other Sai children. God bless you. Sincerely & with love, Ana from Nicaragua. Thank you.
Om Sai Ram.


Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti download

Hope you like this experience friends. I requested Ana to take photographs of the beautiful places in her locality and write an article about her love for Sai Baba when she finds time.

Sai lives in all Animals & Birds. I see Squirrels photo when ever am upset. It makes me happy

Sai devotion in a family where you can’t keep Sai statues or photos

I have been coming across few occasions when people give me Shirdi Saibaba or photo since their family is too traditional and doesn’t wanted to keep Saibaba around in the house. Honestly, Sai himself doesn’t want to occupy a space when only 1 or 2 devotees trust him in a house where several other family members doesn’t like him much. Sai requests these devotees to worship him without bothering other’s and if possible remember him by heart or keep a statue or photo in their own place.

What is ‘Giving” or “Offering”?

If you give something to me, its done. You can’t keep saying you gave it to me and I am supposed to keep it. I will give it to someone else if I wish. That’s my own will and wish. Someone gave me a Saibaba statue other day as people in their house are not comfortable in keeping it in their home. One of my other friend who is  a Christian by religion immediately took it and said he will keep it. I also happily gave it to him. But the one who gave it to me, spoke something and took the statue back from him.

I have many Sai statues and photos at home. My friend would have treated the statue special and kept Baba as a gift than I would have. I was upset why the statue was taken back? Am I special that I can accept it and not my friend? Is it because he is new to Sai devotion or he belongs to other religion? I was basically upset about the whole episode.

My friend went to his place and found another girl had kept a Sai statue near her place. He took it and kept it in his place..( Looting…he he). I was concerned as the girl would have kept the statue to feel blessed and the thought kept coming to my mind over the weekend. I wanted to give him a Sai baba statue, one for himself and one for his Car as he desired. So yesterday, I bought a Saibaba statue in temple and will give it to him today.

Religion can never be a restriction to show devotion on Shirdi Saibaba. Sai pulls people who are good hearted to him and he encourages them to follow their own tradition. Further, Sai devotion can’t be forced. It comes naturally for few people at point of time when they truly need a guidance from Guru.

OK friends,

I am getting late for work.


Om Sai Ram


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