Sai, Open my eyes and mind to do something creative

Sairam friends,

I waste most of my time at work because these are basically some odd work we do and most of the time its getting things done and going home for God knows what reason? I do read some articles once in a while but these are basically disconnected learning which gets accumulated in some part of your brain and I never know if such knowledge ever comes to use.  Learning must be an organized process and I am happy that I am doing it at home. Further, I wanted to put all this to use in my project so that I will have practical experience rather than bookish knowledge.

My problem is that, now a days, I feel sleepy too early. Probably because of the summer heat or I am just feeling tired.

Last evening, I felt dizzy at work and also after I came home. When I laid down, I felt its all revolving. I got really irritated since I feel so sleepy. I am totally a sleepy head now.

Further, I have lots of plans and nothing is happening as I planned.

I have downloaded a video of Venkatewara Suprabatham and listen to it as soon as I wake up. I feel blissful when I recite the holy mantra.

Either, I must not feel sleepy or the day must get extended few more hours….he he….

I also have some plans for StarSai which I wish to implement.

I wonder why I am not able to do what I plan during all these years. Either, I am lazy or that’s my fate. I can’t keep complaining because without sacrificing, I cannot change my life for good.

I hope Saibaba shows me a way to open my eyes and mind to do something creative.

We all must do something beyond our work to make our life meaningful.

Sai Ram,


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