Sai, bless me with so much devotion that my heart melts for you

Sairam friends,

This weekend has been very productive. I feel satisfied because I kept doing something creative. Thanks to my parents. They didn’t asked me if I liked any girl and no marriage topic…iiiii Jolly…..he he ( Because girls I like don’t like me baba).

On Saturday, worked on my New effort. I thought of doing a Matrimony listing site and honestly, Its not user friendly but I wish to have it as it helps me spread some good messages. I was really happy for the below article. I kept listening to the song from ISSAQ and happily wrote the article with Devotion on Sai Baba.

Last night I went to Nagasai Mandhir and was simply sitting looking at holy Dhuni. I was thinking in 1994, I didn’t realize what’s Dhuni, in 2003, Dhuni was something sacred for me that I used to come around it on thursdays, In 2005 holy fire of Sai became my life. I was coming around dhuni for 3-5 hours every evening praying for Goddess of Nature and giving Sai photos with Sai’s assurances on it to devotees as gift.

People used to call me “Photo kudukura payyan” – No one knows who I am but some one who gives Sai baba’s Photos as gift and others used to call me “Dhuni suthura Payyan” – Some one who always remains in Dwarakamai and comes around Holy dhuni. One lady asked me why you do it. I said, I love it.

Then it was so much excitement when Sai made me take care of Holy dhuni for several years. Every day I used to dig in the holy fire with iron rods, get into the Dhuni tank and wipe the hot ashes. Me and friends used to filter the Udi happily and carry the sack full of udi to the temples main hall. Such was my love for Dhuni.

In every stage of my life, I have been doing something for Dhuni and now a days I feel too depressed and fed up with life that I simply like to sit in the corner of Dwarakamai and stare at holy Dhuni of Saibaba for hours together.

My friend Ashish called up from Mumbai and I guessed it right ” Ashish Modi – Did you became a Father?” He asked “How you know that?”

I replied because Its Sai who blessed you with a child.

He told me Venki, tell me some names starting with D and H and it must be of Lord Krishna’s name. His wife Jigna loves Lord Krishna and when ever she speaks over phone she says “Jai Sri Krishna’

So I told him , I like the name – Diya ! ( because it means Lamp) — Namma budhi ipidiye yosikudhu baba.

He told me “But its a baby Boy” …( bulbu)

Oh….Then if you want Krishna’s name its “Dwarakanath” As krishna is called by that name too. I told him to listen to Vishnu Sahasranama or any sacred mantra and choose a name from that too.

Then after the Shej Aarti, I gave Dhuni prasad to devotees and came out side the temple. My friends were speaking to me and I told them about my mom’s health issues.  One of them asked me din’t you go to the Kumbabishekam of the Saibaba temple they are building in Udumelpet? I told them no body told me and further, NagaSai mandhir gives me more peace than anything in life.

Suddenly, I could feel my Love for Saibaba and especially what NagaSai Mandhir in Coimbatore did for me.

Nagasai mandhir gave me shelter for years when I was no body. When I just came back from creative field, When I started my Freelancing work and years later when I did MBA, Some how, my everyday visit to Nagasai Mandhir, is so special for life time.I know every brick in Nagasai mandhir is sacred.  Even today, Every wednesday when I climb to the terrace to offer Garlands to all the 5 big baba on top of temple, I used to fall down on the terrace in the darkness and eat the mud of Nagasai.

I told them ” If there’s no Nagasai mandhir, then my life would have been different. Where would I have gone when I was suffering a lot in my life? What would I have done without Saibaba?

You see, Every Shirdi Saibaba temple is sacred and Sai lives every where but there are some temples where you feel at home. Where you simply feel I belong to this place. Now a days, I am not liking thursday’s as its too crowded but Temples has its own power.  It becomes famous gradually and people come to Sai with love.

There was a time before several years when it was raining and the only devotees in Nagasai mandhir were me and the Dhuni priest. How beautiful were those days Sai.

Sai, bless me with so much devotion that my heart melts for you

When I was speaking about Sai, I realized that my love over flows in my heart. Very rarely do we feel Saints and Gods forgetting our own problems and feel thankful for their presence in our life. I wish that Sai blesses me and all who reads this with such unconditional love on Sai and all Gods they love.

OK friends, Now its getting late. I do feel embarrassed for the Matri Site and articles I wrote but  Star Sai needs to reach more people and I am doing things with what ever I could afford and what ever little I know to work on.

Sai, Please Show me a way….

This morning Sai blessed me with a dream to work on Climate Change site – Mother Earth needs our help friends

Abandoned Houses due to climate change



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