Sai Baba asks for Badam Halwa and Temples near Shivamogga – Shimoga

sita ram lakshman
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Sai Baba asks for Badam Halwa

I went to Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Coimbatore last evening and felt good. I was coming around holy Dhuni for few minutes. Then, I thought Sai Baba showed me a dream as if a Man living in Shirdi is giving me lots of sweet boxes and asks for 1230 Rs. I am asking him to give me the box with Badam sweets alone and he agrees to it.

I remembered the dream and wanted to offer Badam sweet to devotees in Sai Baba temple. I went to Krishna sweets and asked for any sweet with Badam. The man said that they only have Badam Halwa. It costs 800 Rs for a Kg. I asked the sales women to pack the remaining Badam halwa kept in the plate. While packing she said “There’s more than 1/4 Kg and that she has packed the entire quantity”. I agreed to it and asked for price.

It was 230 Rs. I understood that the dream Sai blessed me with is truly matching the reality. Probably, I have to give sweets for 1000 more Rupees when ever I wish to the devotees. I bought spoon and also scissors because the scissors used to cut flowers was broken.

After the Aarti, I distributed Badam Halwa to devotees and came home.

Planning to travel to Shivamogga popularly known as Shimoga

My Father will be undergoing a small procedure in the Hospital on April 11th 2016. I am thankful to Sai for always living in me as antaryami and guiding me in what ever I do. As of now, I have not done any plans but if Sai guides me further, I will be traveling to Shimoga, Karnataka. It’s my long time wish to go to Bangalore and attend some Tech events there. Somehow, I never left Coimbatore for years. I shall try to meet some friends based on time available in Bangalore and Shimoga too.

I will be taking train to Bangalore and from there to Shimoga officially renamed as Shivamogga, Karnataka.

Write to me so that I might be able to meet you. Atleast in the Railway station.

Temples near Shivamogga ( Popularly known as Shimoga)

Here are the list of temples in Shivamogga


Kote Sri Seetharamanjaneya Temple

Kote Sri Seetharamanjaneya is a beautiful temple situated in the banks of Tunga river in Shimoga city.

Shimoga temples

Kote Sri Seetharamanjaneya Temple, Shimoga

I found another photo of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmi from this sacred temple in Shimoga.

sita ram lakshman

Sita, Ram, Lakshman – Courtesy of FB page – Kote Sri Seetharamanjaneya Temple

Huge Lord Shiva statue in the form of  Abhayankara at the Shivalaya in Harakere, Shimoga

I also found this huge Lord Shiva statue situated in Harakere, Shimoga

Shiva statue, Shimoga

Shiva statue, Shimoga

Photo courtesy of The Hindu

Shimoga to Sagar

Sagar is approximately 75Kms from Shimoga.  I found many websites and articles dedicated to Marikamba temple. Although, it comes under Uttar Karnataka district, you can reach this place within 3 hours.


Marikamba temple,Sirsi, Sagar

Goddess Marikamba temple,Sirsi, Sagar

I don’t know much about Goddess Marikamba but certainly include them if any devotees share their experiences.Photo was taken from official website of Goddess Marikamba temple.

Samadhi of Sridhara swamy at Varadahalli ( Born -1908)

I usually write about other saints only if I believe whole heartedly they are pure and really have served people. I have read about Sridhara Swamyji in Sree Padha Srivallabha charitramrutam.

His samadhi and ashram is situated in Varadahalli

shri shridhara swamiji Samadhi

Shri Shridhara Swamiji blessing with a smile

Aghoreshwara temple, Ikkeri

Ikkeri  was once the capital of Keladi Nayakas. A divine Aghoreshwara temple with a huge Nandi statue is situated in Ikkeri.

Aghoreshwara temple,Ikkeri, Sagar

Aghoreshwara temple,Ikkeri, Sagar

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Hope you like this post. I just collected information from other resources to learn about temples near Shivamogga. I also found that a Shirdi Sai Baba temple is being constructed in Shimoga. I might try to visit there during my trip.

I believe Sai will heal my Father

Sai blessings,



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  • Hi Venkat,

    How is uncle now?

    Hope he is feeling better.

    Baba will cure him soon.

    Convey my regards to him.

  • sairam

    Trust ur dad is ok as iam deeply worried.



    Sairam Rajkumar – We got discharged after the procedure and came home by sai grace.

  • Sairam,I hope your dad is recovering.I have got addicted to your website,I have undergone a surgery,and am recovering slowly by Sairam grace.Om Sairam

  • Om Sai Ram Venkat,

    Good to learn that appa is discharged now… he will recover soon…Om Sai ram

    @ Shivashankari – Om Sai Ram…wishing you a speedy recovery as well…

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