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Learn to accept what ever happens in life, be it good or bad

Sairam friends,

Couple of days back, I was happy to climb up the terrace of Shirdi Sai Baba temple and offer garland to all the Kalash in the temple. Since I had been to Annapurna temple before coming to Sai mandir, I also applied the Annapurna kumkum to all the Kalash. I felt really divine and chanted Sai naam and Dattatreya mantra while offering these garlands.

These garlands were offered to Sai Baba and Kalash as they have started Ram Navami pooja this week.

Coming to what’s happening in my life, I would have never got ability to write in StarSai for the next few days. When I learnt that my Father is going through health issues and needs a small procedure, I was too pained. I never cried but when I posted about it in StarSai, I could not control myself. My Mom asked me not to cry. My Father who used to fear a lot during the minor surgery in 2011, is very positive now.

When I was too tensed and upset my Father told me

“Learn to accept what ever happens in life, be it good or bad”.

Some of my friends also told me, it’s normal these days to undergo such procedure and my Father will get well soon. I too became positive about it. His anurism (Purposely writing the spelling wrong as I don’t want people to search for it and land here) too has to be taken care by Baba. We are yet to decide what to do about it? I am sure Sai Baba will guide us.

For all that my Father did, he must have never got such health issues but Sai wants us to go through this because he is always there to save my Father.

Irrespective of all this, my love for Sai has ever been the same and I must say, it has increased a lot. One of the reason is because what ever has happened would have been worse. On March 13th itself, Sai showed me a dream as if I am going through streets of Shirdi and worshiping in a temple called ‘Kutti Kanna”.

Later, he also showed that he will protect us from huge blood loss.

I honestly did not understand what Sai Baba meant by this. Only this month, I realized that Sai has silently protected us and helped us take my Father to the right Doctor.

I am not able to write more. I accepted it.

Yesterday, I had a vision of Lord Venkateswara in dream.

I also saw a man giving me lots of sweet packets. He’s asking me 1230 Rs for the same. I tell him that I don’t want so much sweets but asked him to give me the box of Badam sweet alone.

I am remembering Lord Venkateswara and Sai deeply.

Om Sai Ram


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