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Sai Baba, be oxygen to your devotees with breathing problem

Saibaba blessings
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

As I am going to Mumbai, I called up some of my good friends over there. It’s been years since I spoke to them. I called up one of my friend, whom I know from 2006/2007. Not even sure when I got first mail from her. I had been to her home once when I was in Mumbai in 2009. We used to speak about Sai and our life once in a while. Today, I called up and after few minutes she rang me back. She told me that she has breathing problem and could not speak when I rang earlier. I told her about my trip to Mumbai and that am visiting Shirdi after so many years.

She was happy but as she continued to speak, I realized that she has wheezing and struggling to speak comfortably. She told me that she will speak later. I got down the bus and walked to Saibaba temple I usually visit in Coimbatore. I really got some fear and pain in my chest. Baba has asked his devotees never to fear. Somehow, I am too soft to take things practically. I don’t usually reply devotees who write me their problem especially since I can’t bear to hear or see people suffering. I get scared when people who are close to me has such breathing problem. I have seen my Mom having such issues and it sends a shock deep in my nerves. Only Sai Baba saves my Ma during such moments.

She’s the one who contributed some information in the article about Kudal Sai baba temple –First temple in India after Mahasamadhi of Sai Baba

I went to Nagasai Mandir and was cleaning the lamps tray for few minutes. For many years I avoided this work but now a days, When I feel like cleaning, I do it.

I dedicate the service I did in Sai Baba temple today in the holy feet of Sai and request him to be oxygen to devotees with breathing problem.

Remember Sai Baba and chant “Sairam, Sairam, Sairam” always in mind. Baba will certainly do good to you.

Here’s a photograph of Baba contributed by Sangeeta Yadav

Look at Baba’s palm. Sai is blessing you! He will be your oxygen and bless you with good health.

Saibaba blessings

Sai will be your oxygen

Please say a silent prayer for people who have such breathing problem. It’s really the most uncomfortable thing to withstand. Baba, take care of your children.

Its 11.15 at night now.

Tomorrow (25th March 2016) same time, I will be in bus to Shirdi!

Love you Sai,

See you in Shirdi after 7 long years. I wrote it as 6 in previous article. That shows how good I am in counting! he he..

I am coming to Shirdi. Where I belong!

Om Sai Ram


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  • om sairam
    wish u a wonderful and divine trip.pray for all beings welfare
    om srisainathaya namaha

  • Om Sai ram…Venkat Ji Have a pleasant and divine dharshan of our Sai Maharaj…kindly pray for me and for all other Sai devotees well being…May Sai bless us all…looking forward for your next post covering the details of your shirdi stay…Om Sai ram

  • om sairam

    happy journy and best of luck for your darshan tell my namaskara to om sairam at shirdi he is universal god. om sairam he is mother to all human beings omsairam those who beleive him he will take care of them. om sairam
    sri sairam
    jai jai sairam

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