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I know very little information about Radhakrishnamai who lived during saibaba’s life time in shirdi and did lots of seva for Sai Maharaj and wish to write it down here…

Radha krishna mai came to shirdi with a small  9 inch radhe krishna statue. Hence sai named her Radha Krishnamai. She had lost her husband in early age. so travelled to many Temples in India and finally reached Shirdi. I can imagine a young women wearing a traditional saree with painful experiences all her life coming towards Dwarakamai, Sai looking at her from distance and once she reached Dwarakamai, Sai would have decided to make Shirdi as her permanent Abode.

she was very devoted to baba and stayed close to dwarakamai…sai called her hut as shala – school. Since Greediness towards Money and getting attracted to women (who’s not ones one wife) is the 2 big obstacles of spiritual life, Sai sends devotees to get some food or do some seva like cooking, washing vessels in Radhekrishnamai’s hut. If a man comes back with a motherly affection on her, he is given abundance of blessings by Baba and their Spiritual upliftment is quick.

I have heared that Radhe krishnamai is short tempered. No one can easily be her companion as she uses sharp, harsh words. Apart from this, she has special qualities.

When 20 devotees have come to see Saibaba in Dwarakamai , Sai will send a word to her to cook for 20 devotees. Radhekrishanamai would have already prepared food for exactly 20 devotees.  She really knows what Sai wants. Probably her antaryami(sai) speaks to her internally.

Once Sai asks Justic M.G.Rege (indore) to go to Shala – Radhakrishanamai’s hut and help her in cooking etc. He goes there, the door was closed and she never opens. Probably she has doubted him. M.G.Rege went back to Dwarakamai and tells baba what has happened. Sai tells him

“Now the Door is open. You go now”

He goes back to hut and as soon as Radhakrishnamai looks at Rege, she falls in his feet and sheds tears like a motherly affection. Then she assigns him few chores to do.

This again proves sai has internally communicated to Radha krishanamai that Rege is a pure hearted Man.

I wish to write more on this wonderful sai child when i get more information

Sai Ki Jai


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