Being pure. So pure that Sai and Lord Ganesha likes to dwell in your heart

Sairam friends,

As I was walking towards workplace yesturday morning, I tried to interpret the dream I had. Actually, I am doing some work to bring software division of a reputed global organization to our place. If the deal goes well, Employees in our building might have to move to other building where they don’t have a good environment and culture. I tried to remember the name of the girl in dream. First 3 -4 letters of her name makes the name of this company. In the dream, she gives me back a Sai pic which I printed for Since the letters was faded in the pic she gave me, I understood such huge companies will come to our city only after several years. I give importance to organizational culture and hence hopefully we all will remain in the same building.

Anyway, I still wonder how long its possible as a Ginger Eating Monkey is ruining everything he comes across. Everyone trusts him now but eventually, they all are going to regret. I know this for sure.

Being Pure

Try to be pure. Very pure. Its not an easy task. As yourself if your relationship is pure? In some cases its cluttered. These days, I am experimenting to be pure. On Saturday morning, my Sai friend Apurva messaged me saying I wrote about 2-3 girls in StarSai and if I am getting close to them because I might regret later as none are going to true to me. She is following my life for over 5 years. So she knows best. I din’t reply her as I din’t got time to speak to her while travelling.

Basically, This year has transformed me a lot. I realized that as I get old, I must also maintain some distance no matter whom I speak to as friends. I only think and pray for the girl Sai keeps showing in dream. That too is because I respect her for the way she minds her own business and never complicated what ever I did.

Being pure with words and deeds

We might be pure to the external world but at times, our desires makes us speak and do stuff which isn’t pure. 3-4 month back, Saibaba showed me a dream about a girl saying She’s not true to her husband. This message is honestly not necessary for me because I just smile to her when ever I come across her and move on. But why should Sai mention this to me? I have seen 2-3 dreams about a guy – That he’s filthy.  The next day, I have also realized the same when he speaks. Probably, Sai wants me to categorize people and be careful with them.

Sometimes, I wonder why so many dreams. Why dreams on people whom I have not even talked much? Trust me. Sai has a reason to do everything. We can’t understand him.

These days, I always ask Sai –

Baba tell me what can I do to you because you are always taking care of me?

I wish to do something to the City I belong to. I don’t know what I would do?

I wish to do little good deeds occasionally.

I wish to be pure. So pure that Sai and Lord Ganesha would love to dwell in my heart.

Keep chanting Sai’s holy name. Remember Lord Ganesha deeply in your heart. Baby Ganesha is cute!

I am getting late for work



Ganesha photo is used with courtesy.

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