How you first learnt about Shirdi Saibaba

sairam friends, Everyone of us has a beautiful experience of how Shirdi Saibaba has pulled us to his kingdom.   Write your experience about how you came to know about Saibaba of shirdi, your experiences and the beauty of how Saibaba pulled you like a sparrow to his darbar. My parents helps me arrange the flowers … Read more

I love Shirdi Saibaba because

Sairam friends, We all love Shirdi Saibaba for some reason. Saibaba fulfills our desires, protects us from calamities and bless us and our dear ones with good health, peace and prosperity . Below is the Photography i did keeping a chamki over Saibaba’s turban. The sun light glitters like Sai rays blessing us… We took … Read more

Can’t we remember Saibaba always

Sairam friends, Its easy for me to write many articles saying Chant Sai sai sai, Om sai ram, Om sainathaya namaha or any chantings of shirdi saibaba you love.I can request everyone to sing or listen to Arti of saibaba everyday..Atleast one arti a day when ever you get time. practically am myself not able … Read more

Shirdi Saibaba blog – StarSai Temple

Sairam friends, From december 2004 , by grace of our Sai baba , we have been spreading the message and teachings of shirdi saibaba in StarSai temple of humanity I felt the need to have a StarSai Blog website. So heres it… My first post Neem tree days of Shirdi saibaba

Neem tree Days of Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, I would first like to go back to the times approx 1853 in the village of shirdi, India. What would have the village men, women and little children thought of a yound boy who looks like a 16 year old sitting under the Neem tree and practicing penance. We have read in Sai … Read more