Palani Murugan temple Lord Murugan as Guru

Sairam friends, My grandfather and father love Palani Murugan. I also used to worship Lord Murugan a lot as Murugan is our Family deity. Kula dhaivam. Lord Murugan who is the brother of Ganesha is also called skandha, Kumara, and mostly in north India as Karthikeya. Many times from 2005 I had offered my hair … Read more

Goddess Durga pooja

Sairam friends, Goddess Durga is one of the goddesses whom I love a lot because in 1999 my mother taught me to light Lemon lamps to Goddess Durga in the temple. I used to go to Kabaleeswarar temple in Chennai and light lamps to Goddess Durga. Mostly there will be ladies devotees but somehow my … Read more

How you first learnt about Shirdi Saibaba

sairam friends, Everyone of us has a beautiful experience of how Shirdi Saibaba has pulled us to his kingdom.   Write your experience about how you came to know about Saibaba of shirdi, your experiences and the beauty of how Saibaba pulled you like a sparrow to his darbar. My parents helps me arrange the flowers … Read more

I love Shirdi Saibaba because

Sairam friends, We all love Shirdi Saibaba for some reason. Saibaba fulfills our desires, protects us from calamities and bless us and our dear ones with good health, peace and prosperity . Below is the Photography i did keeping a chamki over Saibaba’s turban. The sun light glitters like Sai rays blessing us… We took … Read more