Cross the Road of wordly Ocean with Sai Baba

Sairam friends,

I got this mail from a devotee and wish to share with all as i find it very nice to read…She had wrote after reading one of my sai friend Nandini’s article about greatness of sai satcharitra

Jai Sai Ram!!!

Reading thoughts of Nandini through this wonderful article introduces us with the truth of life.

I completely agree with Nandini with her views on reading Sai Satcharitra.

May be I am not that old devotee of Shirdi Sai baba to comment on but reading this article surely brought tears in my eyes.

Essence of Sai Satcharitra

The essence of Sai Satcharitra is to completely surrender ourselves- with all our bad qualities (ego, hatred, jealousy) , good qualities (love, care)  to HIM. In zist, every act may it be as simple as eating  or drinking should be an act of love/worship to HIM, nothing other than that.

 A small example should suffice how we should bring in faith in HIM:

Once I was standing in the bus stand waiting for the bus. I saw a mother carrying her boy may be of 4 years old to school. She wanted to cross the road and I was observing the 4 year old child and the mothers reaction.

The 4 year old child was least bothered of how he is going to cross the road and the mother was very much concerned about the safety of the child while crossing the road.

The child knew only one thing that he is holding his mother’s hand and with complete faith in his mother, he was least bothered about anything else.

This is the kind of relationship we have to develop with Sai baba- Sai baba being our mother holding our hands and making us cross the worldly ocean with all safety.



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  1. very true.these are such instances which we see and experience by literally reading sri sai satcharita.omsainathayanamaha.

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