Baba, please heal the world with your blessings and bless everyone

Sairam friends,

I am spending these days, trying to learn Lalitha Sahasranamam as directed by Sai in dream. My Mom is not well but as many of you who regular read StarSai knew that my parents have health issues once in a while. They manage somehow my Sai grace.

I received this devotees experience a devotee by name Aroma from West Bengal.

The title of this blog is supposed to be this

“How Shirdi Sai Baba blessed this devotee’s Mother in law with good health?”

Later, I realized what she wrote below was beautiful as it has a kind gesture towards everyone of us

“Baba, please heal the world with your blessings and bless everyone.”

So I felt like using the same as a title for this devotees experience.

Om Sai Ram

I am Sai baba devotee since many years and I am from West Bengal. Sai Baba was always there for me whenever I needed him. He helped me through a lot of obstacles and blessed me with a very good husband and in laws. I ofcourse experienced many Sai leelas but I would like to share the recent one I experienced.

Saibaba’s help in solving health issues for family members

For past one year my mother in law was suffering from gastric pain, sometimes the pain was unbearable that once we had to take her to hospital at night. There she was given injection which was only temporary relief.

Recently , she was in severe pain and was not able to sleep properly. She could not eat and suffered due to the pain. She was taken to a gastroenterologist and was advised USG and other tests. In Ultra Sound it came out that she is suffering from gall bladder stone and it needs to be operated.

We fixed a day for operation and during operation, Doctor told my husband that he is suspecting a tumor and immediate biopsy is required. We all got very tensed as she is very active and a kind person.

I prayed to Sai baba always and so my husband did. My husband decided that he would collect the report on Thursday but on Wednesday his boss asked him to go out of station for some official work .My husband felt disheartened but something happened and the official work was postponed due to some reason.

So, it was Baba’s blessing that we could collect the report on Thursday. On Thursday I applied Udi to the slip and to my husband. My husband even touched Baba’s feet and went out. After that, he informed me that there is nothing in the report and it is all normal. I cried to Baba. I was so happy for his blessing that I was crying to him. I believe due to Baba’s blessing, this happened. Otherwise doctor was serious and worried.

I cannot thank enough to Sai. Baba, please forgive us and our past karma. Baba, please heal the world with your blessings and bless everyone.

I am planning to donate some money to nearby Sai baba temple on behalf of food donation. Baba is great , please have patience and faith in Baba.

He will take care of everything.

Om Sai Ram.


Hope you love this Sai leela friends. When someone in your family is not well, have immense faith in Sai. Surely, Saibaba will do good. I have another request. Kindly do little good deeds whenever you get an opportunity. This will be of immense blessing.


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