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How Sai Baba made a girl get rid of depression and recite his Aarti?

Shirdi Saibaba depression
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Many Shirdi Sai baba devotees used to write to me saying that they are depressed and going through immense mental agony. I myself have wrote few years back that I am depressed. Even now, I used this word once in a while. To be honest, when I say I am depressed, it’s just that I am worried.

Real depression and mental agony is very severe and one should learn how to quickly get rid of it. Chronic depression requires proper treatment with a professional Psychiatrist.

You can also follow path of devotion to get rid of such depression and mental illness. I never recommend Saibaba to people who never try to come out of their past. You should learn that Saibaba will do his best for you when you are bold, strong and look at the world in new perception.

Remember that devotion can help you cross the sea of depression and reach the shore where Sai beautifully awaits for your arrival.

Here is a devotees experience from a girl in Mumbai. Her name is Yogini and she wrote how Saibaba blessed her to get rid of depression.

Om Sai Ram,

I lost my cousin in the month of May, post which I suffered immense anxiety, restlessness, and a lot of emotional turmoil and in those times what helped me was his grace, his love, his affection that he poured on me through his Udi.

I applied it on chest, forehead and on my tongue. Gradually all the anxiety subsided. But the series of pain did not end there. I ended up having severe back ache. No medications were resulting positively. This time I again cried for help. I called out to him that wherever he is please come running to me and I prayed to him that I am scared of Doctors and other check ups if at all I would happen to go through.

Look at his leela. My Father got a reference through his friend who’s name was “Shivam”. Shivam referred us the Orthopedic Doctor who prescribed few tablets and home remedies. I did not recover completely with those medications but all I did was again applied and consumed his Udi and during this tough phase, his love, his motherly affection that he showed helped me get rid of physical pain too. That’s something I may not be able to express in words out here.

He kept showing me his presence. I visualize that I am sleeping on his lap and he made me sleep like his Baby during that painful phase. I have to say my back and leg pain has recovered almost fully.

And the biggest bliss that I experienced was that I was missing him cause again I have neck stiffness that has gone in the back of my head, and I am crying in pain these days.

This week, I felt like he’s not answering me or he has forgotten me or is he testing me and this is the reason he’s stopped reciprocating.

I was cribbing these days to Sai Baba but guess what, again this Thursday I saw a glimpse of him in white clothes in front of the building as if he’s calling me to do a prayer in the temple which I daily visit.

This glimpse I saw during evening time. I also decided to offer him coconuts as I read somewhere that coconuts are usually offered to deities.

I was stuck with my office. Otherwise I usually visit Saibaba temple in the early evening. But this Thursday, I went late and guess what after seeing his glimpse in front of the building.

I wrapped up my work, took 2 coconuts and headed to his temple.

In the Sai temple, a beautiful miracle happened which was that the person who does the Aarti handed over the Aarti book to me and asked me to recite Aarti. After offering the coconuts I did the Aarti and took the prasad.

I can’t express what this feeling was like I felt that he had come in front of the house to pick me up to do his Aarti by showing me his glimpse. I am blessed to have mother like Sai.

So I have two mother’s now. My own mother ofcourse who was with me throughout this physical pain and my Sai maa who held me and didn’t leave me even for a second.

So unexpectedly, especially when I thought that why isn’t he reciprocating. Maa You are my breathe.

You are my soul.

I love u to the core


You can download Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti from below link

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Hope you like the way Yogini showed devotion on Saibaba to get rid of her depression. It is not that she’s completely OK but she can now proudly say that she has a Guru who takes care of her with heart and soul.

Some issues in life don’t have a solution. True love on Saints like Saibaba can be of immense use during such times. You can choose to do whatever you like when it comes to Sai devotion.

Some devotees like to read good books.

Some devotees like to chant holy name of Sai – Om Sai Ram

and Some devotees like to Sing Sai Aarti.

Some devotees don’t need any of these.

They are matured and come out stronger than ever. They simply trust Saibaba is there for them and move on with life.

I pray Saibaba to show you a way and bless you with peace of mind.

Om Sai Ram


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