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There will be no want in the house of my devotees – Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

Saibaba speaks very less and at times, Sai starts to say something and stops it half way. At times, Saibaba tells little stories like parables to group of devotees sitting in Dwarakamai. Everyone likes to listen to these stories but very few can understand what Sai really means.

When ever I come across the “11 Says of Shirdi Saibaba”, I wonder why these 11 assurances of Saibaba has been chosen out of thousands of utterances by Sainath?

One of those saying which will make everyone think for a moment is this

“There will be no want in the house of my devotees”

What does Saibaba mean by this? Does he mean he will fulfill all our wishes and grant us all that we need? or does he mean that his devotees will lead a simple life that they don’t have desires yet to be fulfilled?

To be clear, everyone comes to Baba for a need. We have a need to get fulfilled. It could be admission for kids in school or college, it could be a job or it could be buying something which they can’t afford easily. For some devotees, there will be “Want” of true love, harmony in family, better relationship and happiness.

Its hard to say Sai will fulfill all our wishes and benefit us. Its really impractical and I don’t want anyone to worship Sai for a need and then complain after months or years that Sai did not do any favor to them. The real meaning of the assurance is simply this.

Saibaba expects us to lead a very humble and simple life. He don’t want us have a desire and keep worrying about it. The pain of not having our desires is so dangerous that it will spoil our mind and ruin our life. Over the years, I have always tried to accept that if I don’t have means to get something, then, I must accept it. I do worry about it but I don’t try to get something I can’t afford or which is practically impossible for me to get.

Its hard to live like this and at one point of time, you might ask “What’s the use of praying Saibaba if he can’t fulfill my desire?”

I don’t have answer for this.

If you want Saibaba, accept him for his inability to give you want you desire.

That’s how I have lived the past several years.

Sai does has his own way of fulfilling our desires and giving us what we want. Just that, when things don’t happen, we must not worry about it. After all, Sai wants us to be happy.


Little servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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  • Sai Baba has already fulfilled the most valuable of any devotee’s wants; unconditional love aka compassion.

    No other stranger in the world can provide this. It is something divine I think.

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