Vision of Goddess Saraswathi: Happy Tamil New Year

Sairam friends,

Its April 14th 2014.

Last night I had various dreams and the most memorable was a very divine vision of a huge painting of Goddess Saraswathi. After I woke up, I could clearly remember the painting. I saw Saraswathi smiling with a Saree which has a mix of Pink and orange. She’s surrounded by numerous peacock feather. She was carrying a Veena and I loved her nose ring.

I have always been fascinated by Peacock feather friends. Few years back, I did a Macro photography of a Peacock feather which I wish to present to my Sai friends as a gift for this Tamil New Year.

saraswathi peacock feather

Beautiful Peacock feather.Ma Saraswathi is all about beauty and divinity- Venkatraman Photography

May Shirdi Saibaba and Goddess Saraswathi bless us all with good health, peace and prosperity. I made in 2007 and even now, My love for Saraswathi has always been the same. I keep remembering her often and speak to her in my heart.

So what’s new this Tamil New year? Nothing else. As usual, I am in pain. I am depressed. I did some shopping. Then went to my favorite temples. Rathna Vinayakar temple, Kamakshi ma and Annapurna Temple. Finally, I came to Nagasai mandhir and lit lamps. I was speaking to baba in my heart.

When ever something related to Tamil happens, I remember the dreams and vision I had over a year back. I still get irritated with saibaba and ask him why did he gave me such dreams and confused me even after couple of years. I really don’t know what’s going to happen in my life.

As I get old, I really get fed up friends. Anyway, If you are new to StarSai go through the below article.

தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து – Invocation to Goddess Tamil – Tamil Thai Vazhthu in dream

I really don’t want to post a photo of Goddess Saraswathi in this article. You know many of us fear for Gods and Saints just for sake of it. Practically, Saraswathi exists in every beautiful heart. In every good thought that emerges in you and in ever good deed you do it is Saraswathi who’s taking birth in us.

I have learned to see Ma Saraswathi in the form of good thoughts and deeds. She’s dwells in every place where there is purity.

For Sai devotees who are not Tamil,  we all are blessed in some way or other by Saraswathi today which is why Sai made me write about her.

Happy Tamil New Year friends.



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  • hello venkat ji..m 4rm Assam n regularly follow ur site..which is quite inspiring 4 all the all the true sai devotees..these days i hv been regularly praying to saraswati maa and also baba…since 4rm last 6-7 months i just forget anything dat i hear…read..some timesi cant even remember properly wat d other person said a few mins b4..i dnt know wen i’m going to remeber well.
    i hv also startd the sai nav guruwar vrat last thursday..under ur guidance…ur truly so inspiring..venkat ji…

  • Jai Sairam!

    You always post such colorful and beautiful divine photos of various gods/goddesses. I was actually expecting/hoping to see a picture of Saraswathi 🙂 Your peacock macro pic is beautiful! One day I might use it as a reference to paint peacock feathers. Thank you. Jai sairam!

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