Patience is all that Shirdi Saibaba has taught me in the past 13 years

Sairam friends,

How would people perceive me? The trust I have on Sai, the dreams he blesses me with and his assurances makes what I am.

Sai devotees are every where across the length and breath of India today. Like me, Sai certainly has helped several of his devotees in different ways. People write me saying I am fortunate since Sai blesses me with dreams. Honestly, I am not alone. Saibaba has blessed with dreams to devotees even when he was living in Shirdi before 1918. He is still alive within us as antaryami. Sai is communicating with each and every one of his humble devotees. You must remember him and love him deeply to understand how he is guiding you.

There could be only one reason Sai doesn’t bless all his devotees with dreams. That is because each one will react to it differently. Due to over 10 years of experience relating my life with Sai dreams, I have understood one basic rule.

“I must have immense patience”

Sai dream won’t change my life. Its just a guidance. I must apply my knowledge over it based on previous experiences and try to behave occordingly.

So remember this for life time –

If you have patience, Sai will certainly be able to take care of you and your family.

I will give you a small example

Right from the day I started writing that I am facing some issues at work – Meaning, I feel things are not going to be smooth in the near future, Sai started blessing me with some dreams of companies or organizations where I could seek for a better opportunity.

What would you do if Sai blessed you with such a dream? You will immidiately go for it the same day. Right?

I won’t. Experience has taught me something different.

We might have lots of desires. Sai might even give us an assurance that we must go for it. You might either get some hint or be blessed with a dream or drop chits and pick what works best for you.

But never take all these stuff for an answer. 

Be calm and let the time pass on. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for the worst and be ready to hop on to what Sai suggested. But never hop on to what Sai assured too fast.

Atleast when it comes to my Career, this is what I do.

I keep calm. I keep calm and I keep calm.

That’s the only thing I have been doing for several years now in all other issues.

This saint teaches us to develop nature to have “Patience and tolerance”.

You must tolerate what ever is happening around you. You must tolerate all the injustice. You must tolerate annoying people with power.

Just tolerate everything and be calm.

At times, my Father hurries to get something done. At times, my Mom hurries to do something.

Even if there’s a minor issue, I have seen my Father getting frustrated. I tell him that he is devoted to God. He and his friends are taking care of the local temple. Hence, he must develop little maturity to accept the uncertainities in life and have patience.

I often see myself telling this to my parents when ever they complian about little issues in day to day life.

“I won’t hurry for anything. I will do anything taking enough time because that’s the only thing Saibaba has taught me in all these years.”

We must wait.

Wait happily ..

Wait without getting dejected in life.

When I see parents jumping around when their kids can’t get a good job and when they argue a lot since their son or daughter is not married on time, I wonder if they have basic idea about how the world works? Not everyone in this world can get a good career. Not everyone in this world can get married on time – Even if they do, not all are going to have a peaceful life.

You expect everything to be normal with your Son and Daughter? Theory of probability has played roughly in the lives of your children. So help them out. Don’t hurt them and spoil your own health.

When you get old, develop a nature to have patience.

I see many elderly people today don’t have patience. They want everything to happen rigth away or they start to worry about it.

Please relax your mind and remember that everything has a time.

There’s a good time for ..

Every Mother.

Every Father

Every Son and Daughter

and every one of us.

Have patience until then.

I am writing for the world which wants Saibaba to give them everything like an instant coffee machine.

Yesturday, I was laughing at myself thinking how stupid I am? I was chanting all day Sai..Sai…Sai…

I imagined that Sai lives in this girls heart and there’s a Dwarakamai there..I imagined that I see Sai there and offer him flowers…I imagined that I sit near his holy dhuni in his Dwarakamai.

I felt its little too much for me to do it. Well. I can’t help it because this is the only way I can divert myself or convince myself when Sai blessed me with this girl in dream for several month and not answering me why he did that. I told him, give me a clarity by chanting all day and my chanting will continue for next few days or weeks.

What matters is this – I never demanded Saibaba anything. I told him, its my responsibility to live by his words and hence I am like this. I don’t mind anyone commenting on me or thinking that I am a nut case.

If Sai tells me something even when its not close to reality, I accept it and live by it. My patience gets worn out and I will be frustrated. Then too, I believe Saibaba has his own ways of blessing me with a clarity.

I have come across girls who were heartless and self centered. I have survived even after their presence in my life. Only later, Sai showed me in dream how disastrous my life would have been if I had married them. Thankfully, they left me for good. For the past 4-5 years, I feel Sai has protected me in his own ways. Sai has really done that. I can’t write everything openly but I am happy for my ability to maintain such immense patience.

Sai taught me this

“Art of patience”

In every issue in my life, Sai has played a role because I listened to him. I live by his words.

I won’t ask him for miracles. I just ask him to be with me. Close to me. In my heart.

So please remember this –

Sai is not an instant giver but when he gives none can stop it.

As the saying goes

When Sai wills, it doesn’t rain. It pours.

Have patience.

Sai hai na?


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