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My samadhi will speak to you – Shirdi Sai Baba

Sairam friends,

Saibaba has assured that he is not away from us and his holy samadhi is ever active. Baba even went to the extent of saying this “The bones of my right leg will communicate with the bones of left leg about your welfare”. How beautiful are these words?

Sai has said every single bone of his in the samadhi and every single particle of his body are speaking to each other about his devotees and how they must lead a happy life.

What’s going on in my life?

The past 2 days was hectic. My desktop stopped working and I am using laptop which isn’t comfortable for me to post photos as I don’t have photoshop. The service guy tried to fix it. As soon as he left, i heared¬† a huge busting noise and smoke…he he. So again P.C has to be fixed. My Ma got scared of the sound and switched off the electric main.

I was busy doing some work and in the evening went to Shirdi Sai Baba temple. I lit 3 lamps and came around the holy Dhuni in Dwarakamai as long as I wish. I got a message all the way from Varanasi. Ankita asked if I don’t have time for InstaSai as I din’t posted any new articles there. I said, yes, I have been little busy.

My Ma asked me to get few things from shop. So I walked in Saibaba colony and went to a particular shop I like. There’s this small book shelve in the shop with a book of Sai Baba. I usually open this book to see if Sai has something to tell me. Yesterday, when I opened the book, it came to the page where the below lines were prominent.

My samadhi will speak to you – Shirdi Sai Baba

I believed it with heart and soul and thought Baba will bless me with a good dream tonight.

On the way home, I was in a bus which was completely free of passengers. I was the only one who sat behind. I was really worried and suddenly turned to my right. To my surprise, there was a huge Sai Baba Samadhi photo stuck on the window of the bus. After few minutes I saw another Sai photo stuck exactly over my seat. I don’t usually get excited about coming across Sai pictures as they are every where these days.

This time, I was really surprised as it was Sai Samadhi photo about which I read in the shop.

I reached home, did some work and then sat near my Ma to read Guru Charitra. She has pain and told me that as I read Guru Charitra, she listens to it and goes to sleep. Then, I worked few more hours and slept remembering Saibaba.

Blessed with a beautiful dream

I can’t say its a divine dream but something that made me believe Sai cares for me.

I had a dream as if I am in a place in Chennai called Raja Annamalaipuram but its very beautiful in the dream as I am inside a huge park full of Peepal trees. I saw a girl I know there. I have been to Raja Annamalaipuram during a shooting of a movie several years back. Something strange was, most of the Peepal trees were cut in that park.

In the second dream, I saw a girl with a Green parrot on her head. I believed its blessing of Goddess Andal as one of my friend at work has given me the green parrot of Srivilliputhur Andal for which I offer a flower every morning.

Then, I saw some of my office friends but it was as if they are in a live music concert show.  After this, I go to this divine house where they had lit many lamps. The vibration in that house was very pure and I felt happy for being there.

That’s it.

Sai did not tell me anything but he showed me a dream in which he assured his presence in my life. I had some more dreams which I don’t want to write about.

I woke up and re-collected my dreams. It was so vivid that I immediately started writing about it.

For devotees who are worried about their life, I have a humble request.

Instead of thinking what’s going to happen, think deeply about Baba’s Samadhi and chant his holy name “SAI SAI SAI’ deeply in your heart. Sai’s Samadhi is very powerful.

Sai may not bless me or everyone of us with dreams always but he cares equally for all of us.

The more you remember Sai and connect yourself with his samadhi, the better your life will be.

Om Sai Ram


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