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Sairam friends,

This morning, I had a dream in which I saw as if something happened to my Ma and I am just sitting near her leg. I woke up and believed that Sai has warded off any evil that was to come to my Ma. I love her so much and need her. She told me that she had severe pain at 5 AM when I had this dream. I asked her to wake me up if shes having pain.

I am starting to work trusting Sai will protect her. She’s feeling better now.

I get scared if any of my dear one’s or friends are not well. At work too, one of this girl is absent for long. I kept bugging this guy to tell me what happened? He always makes fun says “Shes no more. What will you do?”. I am little senstive and suddenly start to fear as I imagine a lot.I got scared last evening. Some deep fear in me though I know he’s making fun.

I wish to give up showing interest in this girl. Just few more days until Sai’s prescribed time comes. Atleast until that time, I feel that I am indepted to pray for this girl.  I usually don’t go to Saibaba temple during Thursdays as it will be crowded. Last night, I went temple and lit lamps for my Ma and someone.

I got another dream in which Sai said there’s a change in at work. Lets see what happens. I hope everything is for good.

I am still pained due to what ever people spoke about me just for my casual chat and talk. I tried to be cool when I made a video for Women’s day but something still hurts me. People can’t be this narrow minded and certainly they are not my friends.

Baba please heal my Ma..I love her so much.

I used to think why I never had dream when I was a kid to study in premium institutions like Indian Institute of Management. Atleast, I am happy to feature an interview from IMM A

Any organization is only as good as its people, and people are only as good as their output and communications

Please take care of your Ma too!


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