No man who would keep you happy will come behind you for how you look. It’s what you are that matters to a real man.

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Firstly, a request for girls who don’t pursue their career.

“Either find a small job for yourself or prepare for some exams that will lead you to a job or learn something that will help you to build your future”

Few days back, I wrote in an article that a girl was looking at me. I din’t write where because it doesn’t sound good. So lemme tell without naming the temple. This girl isn’t bad but the way she dresses up to come to temple shows she doesn’t go to any work. She simply comes there as a time pass. I agree – I also go to Sai baba temple to relax and not only to worship Sai. Temple is a beautiful environment where we come across like minded people. Further, I have some good friends with whom I chat for a while or simply feel happy to see them.

When it comes to this girl, She probably thinks guys get attracted to a girl as they look good. 90% of what she thinks might be true. But there’s more to a women than how she looks.

If a girl doesn’t pursue her career when she’s young, its honestly not easy to lead a comfortable life in future.

She won’t even be able to handle her family during crisis situation.

I will tell you a truth – Many girls write me about problems in their family. As far as I have analysed, girls who have a good Career were able to handle the situation better. Financially, depending on your Boy friend or Huband is a risk for lifetime. What if something happens to your husband? How are you going to raise your kids?

At times, the problem in the family itself might be a girl going to work and not taking care of her kids.

There are two situations here – At times, a Women might giveup on her career to take care of their children. This isn’t wrong. But in most family, it always helps when a Women either goes to work or runs a business of her own. There are millions of families in which women take care of their children as a single Mother.

When it comes to this girl, I simply ignore her as she might be looking at other guys too. I have a habit of humming some Hindi songs I love when I start from the temple. I din’t notice this girl was behind me. She also hummed the same song. I got really irritated but acted as if I never heared her and walked away.

I was telling to Sai in my mind – “Baba, I am too old for all this. I don’t know why some girls are like this”.

A girl can look at any guy but must not seek attention by doing all these stupid stuff. If she wants, she could always talk to me so that I can bang her head with a piece of advice asking her to focus on something that matters for her own future.

Anyway, Even girls who are well educated and have a good career have such habit. Couple of years back, one of my friend told me that a girl is singing songs in his mother toungue and its like she’s seeking his attention always. He went through hell because of this girl. Gradually, he understood, she simply was playing around, ignored her completely and got married.

These girls know for sure that they are not really in love with the guy. They just enjoy when a guy shows interest in them and after a while, leave them.

I always write good about girls but that’s about good girls. There are some guys who have gone through hell because of women who cheat.

The moral of the story is this – If you like a guy, go speak to him. Know him. See if it works out. Don’t seek attention.

No man who would keep you happy will come behind you for how you look. It’s what you are that matters to a real man.

So focus on your Career.

I know few married ladies who worry so much since they had taken a break in their Career during pregnancy and later to take care of the kids. So when you are young, you don’t have any other responsibilities. Never giveup on the job you do. Never trust a Man who likes you for how you look. Never giveup on your Career unless its desperately required to make your life go smooth.

The featured photo has one of my favourites – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

I wrote an article about her here –¬†Shirdi Saibaba has to take care of both simple and ambitious girl

And for girls who read this article, Make sure you guide and help other girls with their Career. Just tell them what they can do about it. If you can help just one of your friend to land in a better job, it will change someone’s life and their family will prosper.

I am getting late for work now.



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  • thank You Sai Baba. You assigned someone to give guidance like this.
    thank you venkat ji for this article.
    Om Sai Ram!!

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