We are not as good as we think we are

Sairam friends,

Saibaba shows me dreams at times to make me realize the negative qualities I have and to correct me. I assume that I am good but only my Guru knows who I really am. May be, I was not put in a situation to show my bad nature. I had been exposed to good situations and environment and hence I seem to be good. What if I am put in a situation where I might commit a mistake?

Saibaba watches every word I speak. At times, If I speak ill of others, he immediately shows me a dream as if I go through a situation and show me what I will be doing in such an environment. This way Saibaba corrects me and shows me the right path. Usually, people don’t expose this openly but I do it because you must know how Sai works.

In reality too, you might face a difficult situation or come across people whom you trust a lot. Eventually, you make a mistake and wonder why you had to go through all this? I understand Sai has simply helped me learn putting me into wrong situation and bad environment.

One of the biggest truth about our life is that we only assume that we are good and kind. What we really are depends on the deep internal quality in us which we ourselves don’t know.

So surrender to this beautiful Guru Sai maharaj and trust him.

Saibaba will make you really good.

Om Sai Ram


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