Sai inspired me to worship Goddess Vidhya Lakshmi

Sairam friends,

As I am always thinking about doing something for millions of graduates who go jobless in India every single year and also trying to do something for people who have setbacks in their Career, I get into lots of obstacles. Firstly, its not easy to work on a project at night as the fulltime job is feeding me.

Anyway, On Saturday Morning, I had a beautiful dream

It was as if I am going to a newly build Shirdi Saibaba temple and standing infront of Sai. A devotee I come across regularly in Nagasai Mandir, stands infront of me and Sai as in to say Hi to me. I laugh and then continue to look at Sai. Again, another elderly devotee comes infront of Sai and myself. I again laugh and continue to worship Sai. They had garland of Lemon on Sai. I felt like the priest is going to give that garland to me as a blessing and take my ¬†palm up to receive it. Instead, he gives it to some other devotee…(*Bulbu…he he)

The elderly devotee gives me a very small Golden dollar kind of gift. I walk away and examine what Goddess is in the dollar. To my surprise, its Goddess Vidhya Lakshmi along with 2 Elephants either side of her.

I go again near Saibaba when the priest gives me a single lemon kept near Sai as prasad. That’s it.

I felt happy for this dream as I know Saibaba is encouraging me to work on what I am doing without loosing heart and interest.

About Goddess Vidhya Lakshmi

I usually worship Ashta Lakshmi and had several dreams on her but specifically having a dream of Vidhya Lakshmi was a surprise to me especially when I am working on few projects related to education and continuous learning. She’s an incarnation to encourage everyone of us to learn and bless us with wealth of knowledge. Worshipping Vidhya Lakshmi will ward of all worries and grief in your life as all the problems happens due to ignorance. You will lead a happy life when you are filled with knowledge.

To co-relate the dream with reality, the priest in Sai mandir used to give me Lemon while sitting in Dwarakamai at times. I felt happy Sai inspired me to worship Vidya Lakshmi.

I kept chanting Sai’s and the Mother’s holy name

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