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Formality visits for family function and so called Indian Culture

Sairam friends,

One of my cousin was getting engaged and my parents being elder in the family were invited for the same. I really tried to get train tickets for my parents but since not more than 2 tickets could be booked in similar IP address, I could not do it at office. My parents managed to go by the car they arranged. My Mom can’t sit for long since she fell down last year. It really irritates me when ever relatives expect elderly people to attend their family function but they don’t try a bit to arrange comfortable travel for them.

I told my parents that its just a engagement and we can go for wedding. My Mom won’t listen and argues with me saying we have to go. I wonder if these formality visits and giving “Attendance” to a family function is necessary considering someone being old,weak and have health issues. I believe these are the formality visits unwritten in Indian cultural setup which certainly will fade off as time moves on. I agree we have to be good to relatives but they too have to take responsibility when it comes to elders traveling long distance.

My personal opinion is that if we must at least try to keep elderly people comfortable if we invite them for any event or function.  At least Try your best. That’s what I expect.

The past 2 days I was really going through lots of problems and felt really upset with Sai also. sometimes life gets very painful and Sai doesn’t seem to bother.

My parents din’t got a lower birth and I hope sai will help them return safe.I am in hurry now friends.

Saibaba bless you with peace

I went to Lakshmi Narasimha temple and also kept remembering Goddess Lakshmi .

Aum sri sainathaya namaha


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  • Sai use to ignore some of us (including me) so that we will try to be more close to him. i valued something which was more than my life but i lost it. after that i became very very close to Sai bab. May be thats what he expect from us. Om sai ram. Even if he ignores me life long i will be under his lotus feets my whole life.

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