No clear dreams from Saibaba after I told him not to play around showing dreams

Sairam friends,

On Friday night, I was really upset with Saibaba and spoke to him looking at his photograph in my pooja place. I told Baba not to play around showing dreams which doesn’t match with reality and humiliate me. After this, I did not had any clear dreams from Saibaba. Today, I prayed Saibaba not to get angry on me and continue to bless me with dreams. None can understand how much Saibaba has helped me through dreams. Infact, only in one or two issues, Sai dreams has misguided me or may be, he said something which I did not understand the way he wanted me to understand.

There were several occasions when Saibaba blessed me with a dream to take right decision.

When even it comes to health issues, Baba has guided through dreams. When my Mom was sick and Baba asked me to make it a habit to have a purticular fruit juice regularly. Sometimes, Baba even shows how he has saved me from a difficult situation or any evil by taking away my karmic bond in dreams instead of some damage happening in real.

We have kept Navratri Gollu in our home for I assume the 32nd year. We might have skipped 3-4 years though due to personal reasons. This time, it was very difficult for my parents and myself to arrange the Statue late night and I could feel my parents are getting weak. Yesterday, I noticed we completely did not notice to clean the dirt in the cieling fan in the hall below which we kept Gollu statues. It happens when my Mom is just managing to do what ever she could do.

I had to express this since it helps us understand how devotion and following our custom is related to one’s good health.

I pray Saibaba to bless me with dreams as usual irrespective of the consequences. I just got some maturity these days not to react to his dreams in excitement. I just keep it as a hint to understand people, take right decision and lead my life carefully.

I am working on a project since I can’t take insults easily. I desperately wanted to do something that would be considered as a significant accomplishment. I believe Saibaba would show me a way.

Good luck


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