Why do you need Winch or Rope car in Palani if you are young and healthy?

Sairam friends,

I honestly cannot understand this logic. People pay money to go on a trekking but if they come to religious places like Palani hills, they want to go by Winch or train.

If you are young and healthy, why do you need a winch or rope car? It takes just 30 minutes for you to climb Palani hills by foot. You can also relax once in a while in various spots while you walk. Some places has trees and you will feel blessed too if you remember Lord Murugan if you go all the way by walk to him/

Every time, I go to Palani hills to have darshan of Lord Murugan with my parents, I get worried if I can get winch or rope car.

I have gone to Palani for several years. Whenever I go alone, I always go by walk. I just take steps as I love to climb hills and I feel divine.

Last weekend, When I took my parents to Palani, I went near the que to take Winch. It seemed OK to wait in que. So we waited 2 hours. Thankfully, they have chair to sit in que also.

I was surprised to see the only 2 elderly people in the whole lot at night during that moment were my parents. All others looked good enough to climb hills. They certainly can walk even if its little hard for them.

The temple authorities have arranged the place where we stand in Que very well but I can’t understand why on Earth anyone who is young and healthy wait for winch or rope car?

Its not just in Palani hills. The whole Nation has created bunch of lazy people who never wants to do any physical work.

That’s why you sit in home or office and order food and some ordinary Indian is riding in hot and cold weather to get your food.

While taking the winch, my Mom got hit on her head as she has spondylitis and can’t bend her head much. Adding to other issues, I started to worry if she’s OK.

If atleast few young and healthy people decide to take the steps to Palani hills, many devotees who desperately need winch or rope car can easily travel without waiting for Que.

There are women with small children, people who have health issues and elderly devotees who come to Palani to see Lord Murugan. Do you think its easy task for them to walk up the hill?

It was so crowded in Palani as we reached on top. Thankfully, the Que moved fast and we had good darshan of Murugan. My Mom was already tired. Even the staff standing near Winch as we reached on top looked at my Mom and told us

“You only have to walk down the hill on return as its crowded today”. We smiled to him, nodded and moved.

It was already 10.30 at night and coming down hills with old parents made me very anxious if we will get some food to eat. Most of the hotels were closed by 10.30 and I kept calling few restaurants.

Thankfully, a hotel called Gowri Krishna was open and we had dinner there.

The next day morning, we decided to go by steps. Initially, I thought my Mom can climb the hill without any problem if she rests every few steps.

We started climbing and only then, I realized my Mom has become so weak. Devotees were looking at us as my Father was holding her and encouraging her to walk.

My Father kept saying we almost reached on top.

Finally, when we reached the last steps to be crossed, some devotees from a village asked why we did not take rope car?

I told them that people who can easily walk are taking it and hence people who struggle to walk had to suffer like this.

We had wonderful darshan of Palani Murugan.

I can’t make my Mom go my walk again. So made her sit in Que to take the Rope car. We waited almost 2 hours and got it. Thankfully, it was well organized and there was enough shadow.

Here comes the problem. While we reached down, it was so hot that I ran to get auto to reach hotel. I was shocked to see devotees waiting for rope car in hot summer standing in que.

How can they stand in such hot weather like that with children? What if they are senior citizens?

Why can’t someone young or healthy, decide to walk? What’s wrong with this country?

Have we created bunch of lazy idiots who don’t have common sense to learn such transport in religious places should be used by elderly devotees and people who aren’t in good health?

Next time, when I take my parents to any religious places, again I will face such issues. People don’t understand what it means to get old and how hard is it for elderly people to get some facilities they deserve.

Please be active when you are young.

I myself can’t walk without some hardship. I relax every few steps and continue climbing but I always walk if I visit Palani alone.

Please use your common sense and humanity where ever you travel. Give opportunity to elderly people and someone who’s sick and has children to use such facilities.

After coming to hotel, my Mom laughed and said that she felt like fainting but never told us as she don’t wanted to go back down. She kept chanting Lord Murugan’s name and somehow Murugan and Sai helped her climb the holy hill.

While we were in Winch que, a women said she has knee pain and can’t walk and hence opted for lift.

I know all women who crossed 40 will complain that they can’t walk. Trust me. You can if you are healthy. You shouldn’t simply say you can’t walk and always expect such comfort.

When it was so hot after we had darshan the next day, I felt that I too must become more rough and tough. I have faced a lot in my life and mentally it made me strong. Physically too, I should be strong.

Think about people who do labor work. Murugan loves hard work. He is God who appreciates hard work.

So be active and keep remembering Lord Murugan!

Declaimer : Please don’t force anyone to walk on hills or do any physical activity based on this article. One should do anything based on their comfort and their own will and wish. If you can’t see they are really healthy enough, you shouldn’t ask them to take physical effort.

I wrote this as it could help some elderly devotees like my parents to wait less in Que.


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